Thursday, February 12, 2004

Early in the morning... 

(If you already read this - check out the ps)

Today is a Sublime day if there ever was one. I may be tired, I may be fuzzy in the brain, but damn it, listening to Sublime will make it all better.

So I wasn't at work yesterday, my bad.

Maybe it's cause Tuesday I decided to be dumb and go to the bar. We already had plans to go Wednesday (yesterday) but I wasn't going to be able to drink on Wednesday cause I had a dentist appointment. So I wanted to play some darts and whatnot. I went and picked up Shawn from his aunt's. P, Shawn and I then went to the bar to play darts. Too bad there was leagues. We sat around for a while, I saw someone I used to work with. That guy and his friend kept feeding me drinks... aww man. I got pretty drunk and then bored. I was so ready to go, but P and Shawn were talking. And talking. And talking. When we finally got going, Shawn was so freaking drunk, I had to supervise him in the bathroom on his request. I sobered up for taking care of him, but once he left with KJ to go to my sister's boyfriend's house, I fell in the hallway and laid there for awhile.

I called into work on Wednesday. I slept until 12 and then did nothing. Oh, I had a dentist appointment at 4, that sucked. I was one numb Kelly.

When I got home, Shawn was sleeping on the couch and P was just getting into the shower. She takes forever to get ready! Forever! So I went ice skating with Shawn and my sister. For two hours. When we stopped back at the apartment, P still wasn't ready. So Shawn, my sister and I went over to my sister's house. JP and his ex girl were there with my sister's boyfriend. We all sat a bit. Watched Family Guy. I talked my sister's boyfriend into going to the bar.

I didn't drink. Ok, I didn't mean to drink. I only had a shot of tequilla rose and half a bud light. Ew. But what the hay? Why not? I was leaving the whole time I was there. Ya know, how when someone asks you if you want to do something and you say "I would love to man, but I gotta be going." I did that all night. But hey, good news, I met a really cool guy.

Story time!

He's a fuckin cutie, he's a drummer and he's kind of dorky. It's just crazy. I was checking him out for quite awhile and then we started talking. I'm not really sure how. Just random bar talk maybe, maybe P introduced us (even tho she couldn't remember his name, nor he her's). At first, I couldn't tell what exactly was going on. Cause we talked for a like a half hour the first time, and it was a little weird. He invited me to go to a different bar this weekend and when I told him that I was 19, he said that it was ok if I was with him. And then he stammered for a while about how he didn't mean like us going together, that I shouldn't go with him...just kind of talking himself into a not so good spot. Lucky for him, he had to go play.

But when he was done playing (it was open jam, but also his drum set) he came back. I helped him carry his shit out to his vehicle and we talked more. He's so incredibly great. After we were done carrying shit, we were still outside and he asked about this weekend again. He asked what he had to do to make me go...I thought about it for a second and then he leaned down and kissed me! So wonderful. So. Wonderful. I gave him my number and I really hope he calls.

I was thinkin about it, normally I'm not ready to kiss the first time I meet someone. Ya know? Cause that's kind of quick. It's automatic. Even if I really like the guy, when he leans down to kiss me, I back off or turn my head or am just really nervous and can't handle it. Before I even think about it. Last night, when he leaned down, I was just so incredibly ok with it. It's special.

So yeah. After I finally left the bar (at 1:15am!), I went over to my sister's again cause her boyfriend and Shawn were there. Also some guy named Steve. He was a cutie and fun as hell. I want to smoke with him again just cause he's fun to look at.

I finally got to sleep at 2:30am. And here I am today.

PS - I forgot to tell you the greatest thing that came outta the new boys mouth. When asked what he did, he replied "I'm good at fixing pipes" totally unsarcastic. Turns out he works at the local orange-fix-your-house doing plumbing! How funny is that?

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