Wednesday, February 25, 2004

*gasp* a second post 

I'm so glad I don't blow-dry my hair.

And I'm really bored. I don't normally do a double post, but I am so freaking insanely bored. Incredibly bored. I have no words left to describe it. And not only am I bored, but I don't want to work. Surprise!

See, it is a beautiful day (for February anyway) and I'm wearing a new spring inspired outfit (pink and flowery, but in moderation, always in moderation). There's a window open somewhere in the office and I can smell the outside air. It's making me very happy. So damn it! I want to go on a drive or something.

Earlier today I was chatting with Supervisor while we were supposed to be proofing and we we're going to see if Boss would take us to Starbucks and a certain home improvement store. Her idea, not even kidding. She needs granite counters or something and wanted me to go along. Yay. But nay, it didn't happen... Had my hopes all up for nothing.

But tonight. Emmer and I are hanging out. Not only hanging out, but drinking together too. It should prove to be a fun night. We start at my house and finish at the bar. My sister's boyfriend is supposed to play some darts or pool with us and then who knows what?

So, here's to tonight!

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