Friday, February 20, 2004

God bless McDonalds 

Not kidding. On the drive here, I developed the worst cramps known to (wo)man. I can't even convey the pain I felt. And for no reason I might add. Anyway, I called my mother, because that's what a girl does when she's sick. Well, this girl anyway. I had to hang up cause I needed to fully concentrate on driving. As soon as the phone when away from my ear, I felt faint. The blood whispered past my ears and I could feel a light sweat even tho it was freezing. I wondered if I should pull over, but I've fainted so many times before that I know when it's about to get serious and it wasn't quite at that point yet. Finally, my office came in view, but a freaking cop was driving really slow in front of me. Egads. I've never felt such fury for the law enforcement before.

Once I was in the parking lot, I sat in my car for a bit still suffering from devil cramps and still close to fainting. But overachiever that I am, had to go inside. If only I could have made it to my office. Instead I sat down on a chair right inside the door. Everyone was in the back, so thankfully not many saw the wreck I was (am). A couple of different coworkers came in the front way. Someone got me water while I sat there with my head on my knee hoping that I wasn't going to die. Eventually when my boss showed up, he made me go in his office and lean back in his chair. My boss even went to McDonalds and got me breakfast. I got to concentrate on relaxing, the cramps stopped THANK THE LORD. That totally revived me and here I am.

Moral of the story: Even if you get a ham, egg and cheese bagel instead of a bacon, egg and cheese bagel, you'll feel better.

So I had a freaky dream this morning. Ok. We were in a different town or something. It was P, Shawn, C and myself. We were at a restaurant or something and we kept meeting the craziest people. I don't remember why they were crazy, but they would follow us around. Follow us around = crazy. So we tried to escape, laughing the whole time. Then it got serious and so Shawn, C and I decided to leave town for a couple of days. P would hang out at the apartment (why our apartment was in this town I have no idea). So we left. A guy kept showing up tho, following us.

Another dream or a continuation?

I got to the apartment without Shawn or C. My parents, two sisters and their boyfriends were there. We had a great time together, playing cards, watching movies.. At the end, I walked my sister's to their cars wearing two different black sandles, but both of them were really cute. The drive way was super long, steep and covered in ice and snow. I slipped and slid most of the way down, laughing. My sisters and I threw snowballs, built a snowman and just played like kids. Across the street from their cars was a chow-chow. But a purple chow-chow. One that barked and seemed really angry. But then he got quiet and said, "I wanna play." So I said, "Come play!" So he did.

I had another dream. Grover was over and hanging out. I guess it was my room, cause I was cleaning it, but it didn't look like my room. It had bunk beds and no windows. Plus it was kind of dark. Not my room at all. So he was helping me a little bit, I was talking to him about a problem or something I think. I just felt like we were really close friends and I loved it. Then as I'm messing with something on the top bunk, he comes over and kisses me on the cheek.

Strange dreams eh?

Maybe it's because of yesterday. P and I went over to C's. Grover and a friend from high school was over there. We watched Shanghi Noon and ate pizza. Yay. And Yum! Afterwards, I had to do some laundry, so we trucked it over to my parents house. I grabbed Party Monster from my house before I left so we watched that. Crazy. I liked it. I think I need to watch it again sometime soon. Like tonight.

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