Monday, February 16, 2004

Happy Valentines Day 

A couple of days late. Like normal.

So. What a long weekend, eh? Well, in my humble opinion, it was extremely long. But if it had been longer still, I wouldn't have complained. I accomplished nothing anyway.

Friday - I hung out after work for a bit. Receptionist needed someone to hang out in the gym with her. Grover came over like planned. We watched one movie and then he left. I was going to go to bed...

But wait! Drummer Boy came over! Oh this kid is a cutie. We watched most of The Gate. But ended up falling asleep.

Saturday - I woke up a lot at night cause P didn't sleep at all. The poor girl. She had drill this weekend too. Thankfully it was in Madtown and not in the town where she usually goes. I was awake when she left at 6.

Drummer Boy had to be at work at noon, so I woke him up at 10:30.

I spent the next couple of hours doing nothing. P came home at 3 or something. KJ came over at 4ish. We smoked. We watched a movie and we played a card game. Pretty normal and boring.

Saturday night was boring too. We went to that other bar that Drummer Boy wanted to go to. Well. It wasn't too fun. But Receptionist and Drummer Boy met us there. We chilled out for a bit. But everyone was tired, so it was an early night.

P and I went to our bar. We sat at the bar and only talked to people who talked to us first. Excepting, of course, Mix cause we both want to jump him.

Sunday - What is the first thing I did Sunday morning? The dishes. Boo! P and I smoked and watched a movie. My sister's boyfriend came over and we smoked. I was supposed to go to Madtown with him, but he was taking Crust Critter, so I didn't want to go. Eck.

Instead, while P went to work, I slept. Then I went with my sister's boyfriend to pick my sister up. I've never been to her place of employment...I don't know when I'll go again cause it was kind of embarrassing. She showed me off to everyone. I felt really stupid. Surprise!

After we got back to their apartment, we smoked and played darts. And I won too! I love darts.

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