Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Jeezie Creezie 

There's always that fear lingering, "when is it all going to go wrong?". For the longest time it didn't. But yesterday was the end of the innocent time.

Hahaha, innocent? Right...

Nothing too serious, just a nice search warrent for my friend's house. Sucks for him...sucks for everyone. This just after another friend was busted. I'd imagine there is going to be some pointing of fingers and maybe some friendships ended. See what business does?

The worse part of this is that it's very hard to take light hearted. With crooked cops and death threats being thrown around, it's hard to not take serious. I know a couple of people who are no longer in business (but may be up and running again at a later date). Hopefully everyone else will just be a little more careful.

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