Monday, February 02, 2004

Just like I was playing Go Fish... 

I got my wish.

Friday - The moment I walked out of the office, my phone rang. It was the Russian. He was looking for P, but since she was in her home town, he talked to me. He said that a friend called him up and was looking to get rid of some tickets to the Linkin Park concert that night. He needed a ride to Madtown tho, and if I drove, we could go. I said I'd call him back and debated for awhile. I knew P would be disappointed, but come on, Linkin Park. I called him back and said that I would love to go.

So I went.

Words just cannot describe. Story of the Year cancelled. Sad, I bought their cd awhile back and was looking forward to seeing them. Hoobastank rocked me. They had such a high energy level and we quite enjoyable to watch. The Russian and I hung out on an upper level for their show. Up next, P.O.D. I( never knew what that stood for before, but in case you're wondering it's Payable on Death). They were ok. It's a little heavier music so the atmosphere is different. But still fun, halfway through that The Russian and I went down on the floor. I still have bruises.

I saw Linkin Park. In person. Really close. Mike was not 10 feet away from me. All the nasty sweaty people, the awful smelling hot air, getting kicked, hit, elbowed, knocked over, losing my headband, possibly ruining a shirt... completely worth it.

Saturday - I woke up at 12:30ish when my dad called and said he would be picking me up in an hour. That sucked. My mother, father, uncle and I drove for 2 hours south. Hung out with family and drove all the way back. Oh my gosh that sucked.

There was huge drama Saturday night. My sister wanted to hang out with me (and me alone). P wanted to play darts. Grover, P and myself wanted to watch Evangeline. This was really complicated.

My sister called me up at 9:00 and asked if I wanted to hang out. I told her that I needed to watch at least two episodes of Evangeline because it needed to go back. She got pissed, we fought. She said she would go play darts with us. We hung up. Grover showed up. P and I smoked. The door buzzed. I thought it might have been my sister, so I ran down to see and no. It was Lion. Shit. We stopped answering the door because he stops by so much and we just can't deal with him all the time. So he came up. There was this whole big ordeal where he wanted to hang out with us, but did understand that I couldn't hang out with anyone that night because I was hanging out with my sister. (He's in love with my sister, by the way). I told the truth and he said I was a liar. I just didn't know what to say. P stuck up for me tho, thankfully. So now he's prolly still mad at me...

After all that tho, my sister stayed home, P fell asleep and I hung out with Grover. He didn't leave until 4:30am-ish.

Sunday - P jumped on my bed at 9:00 to apologize for falling asleep. I rolled over and hid. I woke up at 11 tho. That sucked. If there was ever a time to sleep until 3 that was it.

My sister and I were supposed to do laundry together, but she hung out with my mom instead. So I hung out with her boyfriend. He came over and we all smoked. Then he was meeting someone and asked us to go with. So P and I went over to his house. They were going to smoke again and we didn't need that. We set up the tv to watch Carebears. Very soon after, my sister shows up, with my mom.

It was the worst thing I've ever had to go through. She kept saying stuff like "what's that smell, oh I know what that is..." She seemed really pissed off at first, but then she looked at P and me and said "I'm not making fun of you, I may just be putting my foot in my mouth... I don't know". So I rolled my eyes and watched the movie.

She was cool about it all then.

P and I got a ride back to our house. We went and did laundry and then hung out at home. My sister's boyfriend called and I invited them both over. My sister didn't want to come tho cause she knew we were going to smoke.

But then someone called who I wasn't expecting at all. The bartender (from 1/28) actually called. I invited him over and he accepted (since he'll be around I'll call him Mix). P's hung out with him before, but I haven't. It was so much fun. He is really intelligent, but can be a little arrogant. We had a lot of fun chats. He's curious about the notebook and was interested in my theories (I have a couple).

My sister's boyfriend came over. We all sat and smoked. There were quite a few conversations going on at once. P and I were pleasantly surprised when my sister's boyfriend and Mix got along. They're both really big talkers...really big talkers.

My sister's boyfriend had to take off. That ended the smoking session. So Mix said his goodbyes as well. He seemed really enthused about doing it again sometime. Plus he wants us to go to the bar on Tuesday. It's fun to make new friends.

All in all, I think it was a successful weekend. Very eventful. Loads of drama. Lion is prolly still pissed off at me, but what can I do? It was fun!

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