Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Not a good day...not a bad day 

Today is a nothing day. It feels like, although nothing bad will happen, nothing good will happen. But who knows. Ya know?

Yesterday all I did was swim. And swim, and swim, and swim. From 6 until 9 actually.

While I was driving to meet P at the resort we were going to swim at, a coworker of her's called and wanted to know about swimming with us. I happened to go to high school with her, but whenever I saw her outside of school, she would ignore me. What a bitch right? Last night, at the beginning of the night, she kept ignoring me or keeping me out of the conversation. I was really getting pissed off, but played the bigger person and was polite. Eventually she stopped being such an uptight bitch and we all had fun.

By the way, I realize it's been awhile, so... I love Incubus. They have a new cd out, I hope you've heard of it (if not actually heard it). It's pretty good. I'm gonna have to say tho, my favorite cd is still make yourself. A lot of the songs on this new cd sound similar. I love them anyway.

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