Friday, February 13, 2004

So is he leaving tonight? 

He's not sure. He'll think about it. He hasn't decided yet. Oh Cinema Paradiso.

So P told me yesterday that after I left the bar, the new boy was trying to get her to make sure I went to the other bar this weekend to see him. I guess he is all about me! That's really exciting.

Last night was a boring night. Fun, but boring. I did laundry while P, Lion, Shawn, my father and I watched the Red Violin. It was pretty good. I liked it anyway.

Afterwards, Shawn and I smoked. I played guitar and he sang. It sounded kind of cool. Then again... I remember what I played, so I'll give it a shot tonight and see if it sounds cool at all.

KJ came over. So he and Shawn smoked and played a game while P and I talked.

P and I talked for a long time. I love this girl. She truely is my best friend and I know I can tell her anything. Anything. And what makes this even more cool, is that while I was meeting my new guy on Wednesday, she was hanging out with a new guy too! Granted, she works with this guy, but it still counts. They talked for hours! She really likes him, and I think he likes her...but he has a girl. So we'll see, ehh? It's just nice to be able to go through all this with her. Of course we both have a ton to say on it.

Anyway, KJ taught us a new card game. He was really fucked up. But he said that I'm his smoking soulmate. And I guess I make him feel better about a lot of things while he's high. I don't know what that's about. He always talks about how dumb he is when he smokes, I told him it was expected and he wasn't alone. I welcomed him to the club with a nice little speech. I hope he feels better about it. Or bad enough to not smoke anymore (that sounds bad to me, but not smoking is better than smoking and being bitter about it).

So, Friday the 13th huh? Well. I'm going to have to say I've not seen any of the Freddy, Jason or Michael movies. Tonight, Grover and I are going to watch scary movies. Who knows what...I need to see Ghostship still (we've been talking about watching that movie since we met).

Valentines Day huh? Well. Eh. I'm going to "maybe catch a movie, pick up some dinner" with Grover. I didn't realize it was going to be Valentines Day until after I agreed. I'm a little nervous. Hopefully, the whole "we're friends" thing is still good. But I guess it's better than staying home alone.

A lot of people hate Valentines Day. I don't hate it. I hated it last year. Last year a bunch of stupid shit went down. But I'm ok this year, even tho I'm not in a "love" relationship. I still have love and I plan on letting my family and friends know that I appreciate them.

And I appreciate you. This journal has helped me realize and work out a lot of shit. Plus, it makes things easier to remember. I want to say thanks for reading and a special thanks to all the people who have commented, offering advice, jokes and other insight I might have not had otherwise. You rock.

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