Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The whole thing is topped with a bow 

Last night after work, I wanted to do something. Anything that resembled activity. So P and I sat down and got to work thinking of something to do. Unfortunately, we didn't come up with much. So we grabbed our video cameras and drove around.

Somehow, we ended up at a big home improvement center. A while ago, someone broke the lock on our window so we were going to see if they had the piece we needed. They didn't.

But the Drummer Boy was there. We walked past where he was helping someone and, wow, he's cute. Even better with a tool belt on, it threw me. Anyway, P and I were looking around at lamps and rugs and stuff when Drummer Boy called. He found us and I seriously couldn't talk. All I could do is turn red and laugh. It sucked. A lot.

We took off outta that mess and went to P's place of employment. We had the camera out for a bit, but mostly we walked around. It's freaking huge so, we were active.

I felt like a tool because of earlier, but P tried to keep it upbeat. When we got home, we spent a long time talking about friends. We grew up in different situations, different personalities and way different outlooks on life. I was getting a little pissed off, so we changed subjects, sort of.

We sat in the zhen room, I played guitar and she read.

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