Wednesday, March 31, 2004

So raise your glass and drink to the mysterious future. 

All I wanted last night was my phone to ring. Well, that’s a lie. All I wanted to do was sleep when I first got home from work. Too bad last Saturday night when Tech, Grover and I were talking about books, I set an alarm to help me remember. It went off at 5:30 when I was just getting into bed. And then the freaking thing rang at 6:00. But that was Kasey and I love Kasey so I don’t mind. And then P came home and crawled into bed with me stinking of chlorine. We talked for a little while, but eventually I got up to eat and she got up to shower. Neither of us getting our nap.

So we were supposed to go to the club. It was Clay’s birthday and I really wanted to see him, but I couldn’t stay awake for the life of me. I was in bed at 9:30.

It was while I was laying in bed that I really wanted my phone to ring. And have it either be my stupid boyfriend or someone calling to tell me I won a million dollars tax-free. Wouldn’t that just rock my world?

I’ve really living the exciting life the last couple of days huh? What with baking cakes and going to bed early…gee, how can anyone live so extreme?

But alright, I’ll look forward since looking back is boring.

Tonight, tanning! Yeah, that’s the only thing planned for the evening. P may or may not be going to the bar. She may or may not see Drummer Boy. And she may or may not kick his ass like she’s been threatening to. I guess we’ll see.

Tomorrow, my sister is going to be in town! I love my sister (as long as I don’t see her more than two days in a row and we don’t live together) and can’t wait to spend some time with her. As far as I know, the family is going to have dinner together and play cards or some such crap like always. Very cool.

Friday – My sister will still be in town and I think we’re all going to the bar! Yippee Skippee! I haven’t been there in awhile and it feels kind of strange. I mean, before I owned that bar. Seriously, I was the unpaid help. And now, I can’t even go in there without my parents. How unfair. I could even be behind the bar serving! But noooo. Then again, at least Wisconsin laws let me go in with my parents.

Stupid drinking laws...

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

There's nothing scarier than a pissed-off, sweet old lady. 

Good freaking afternoon boys and girls. It's a dreary Tuesday where the sky isn't blue and the leaves aren't green.

Last night, all I wanted to do was sleep. Didn't happen. Well, P and I went tanning. So relaxing... then Grover and Stan came over and we watched some anime. Boring anime. Stan and P went to the bar. Grover and I baked a cake.

Grover slept on the couch and it was late by the time I went to sleep, but I don't mind. Grover wasn't feeling super-fly happy so I put my cheering up powers to the test. Who knows if it did any good.

Tonight is Clay's birthday. So I'm supposed to be going to Madtown and dance like I've never danced before. Shit, I hope I can manage the walk from the parking lot to the door. I'm freaking tired.

Drummer Boy hasn't called. Ya know, sometimes I forget about him.

Monday, March 29, 2004


Well I promised I'd do better and leave a note once in a while when I stop here to check up on you. Is this better for ya? I hope so cause that's all you're gettin'!
YAY! I like jello.

much needed java 

This weekend was fun.

Friday - Shawn met me at work when I was done. We went to see my mother at the book store and looked at porn. That was fun. Strange, but fun. We cut the visit short to go eat. And ran into P and Lion at Wallyworld. We made plans to meet at the bookshop after some more running around.

I saw so many people I knew at Wallyworld. There were 5 I haven't seen in forever with in a half hour. Neato. And in some cases, not so neato.

Back at the bookshop, Shawn and Lion looked at porn, I looked at High Times (with my mother right there, oh how we've grown) and P looked at video magazines.

The rest of the night was spent watching anime with Grover. He stayed the night and we spent it laying on the couch and talking about really strange, stupid-tired thoughts. With lots of dumb jokes.

Saturday - Grover invited me over for pancakes, but I decided to see what my father was up to since I haven't seen him in forever. So I walked over. I hung out with him for most of the day. I made him an awesome breakfast. I'm a wiz in the kitchen (but only if I'm making breakfast or pineapple upside down cake). I got to work in the shop and use a circular saw for the first time. And I learned a couple new poker games. I suck at poker.

C called and cancelled on our plans. Sucky.

Grover called and said that we were invited over to his friend's house to smoke. The guy who smoked us up before we were supposed to go to the movie last weekend. When we were outta our mind high. After 30 seconds of careful consideration, we agreed enthusiastically. Grover is so nice, he came and picked us up (a half hour to our house and back outta his way) so we wouldn't have to drive.

This guy, we'll call him Tech, is really awesome. When we got to his house, his daughter (she's three and adorable) just ran up and started playing. She's soo cute! She chased P around the coffee table for 10 mins. I got to play ball with her and let her climb on me. Fun times, I tell ya.

Tech put her to bed and we went outside and smoked most of a jay (well, Grover didn't because he doesn't). It was kind of rainy and crappy out, but I loved it. We talked, lots of fun. P and I were made fun of a lot. Surprise. After a bit, we went in and watched the Chappelle Show. Nope, still don't really like it. But the special guest VD's were kind of funny.

The child wouldn't go to bed tho. Tech's wife came home and we took off cause we were too much of a distraction. Denny's! Good times there too. The Superbird with no tomato and american cheese instead of swiss is most excellent.

When we got back to Tech's (without P, Stan met her at Denny's) we finished smoking the jay. And we walked around the neighborhood. Neat place. I saw the greatest bridge in the world. The creek it was over reminded me of Bridge to Terabithia. I had a moment and then we continued walking and talking. The weather was still drizzle, but the air was clean. It wasn't cold, but not warm. Just in general, it seemed like such a great night. I can't freaking wait until summer.

Grover dropped me off at home and I passed out. After finishing The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I'm really sad it's over.

Sunday - I woke up at 1:30. Whoops. That's the first time in a long time.

P and I sat around watching South Park for a long time. Finally we got up and walked downtown. It's a nice, long walk. We ate greasy bar food and chased a rock to my parent's house. They gave us dessert and a ride home. Once there, we showered and started watching 24 hour party people. It died less than halfway through, so instead we watched the Imposter.

I attempted to go to bed after that (it was 11:30 after all) but no dice. At 1 I gave up and took a tylenol 3. I finally feel asleep. But at 4:30 I received three text messages, which I didn't understand sent by the guy from the mall. I was annoyed and went back to sleep.

This morning wasn't fun. I just grabbed the closest clothes and as a result, am really comfortable. Not the most professional looking, but hey, casual Monday right?

ps here are some really, really cute games. seriously, they're just adorable. and addictive.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Dear Diary, 

It was actually a really fun night last night. I went over to my parents after work (and changing into pjs) to do laundry. My mother made lasagna and we (my parent's, P, my sister and I) were all watching Old School. Until the power went out. Even then tho, it was a good time. We lit candles and played hearts. I was winning! But P quit early. Jerk, so I didn't win per say, but I would have.

And then Drummer Boy called! Isn't that exciting? We talked a little while, hopefully he'll call again tonight, but I'm not expecting it.

Anyway the bad part was on my way home. There are two stop signs between my parent's house and my apartment. I must have driven on these roads at least twice a day every day since I moved out (it’s also on my way to and from work and anywhere else really). Well, I didn't stop, not fully anyway, at either of them. And I was pulled over. He said he wouldn't have given me a ticket if I had stopped at one of them. But I didn't. And that's going to cost me $156. That fucking sucked. But I'll not think about it and it'll all be ok.

Today has been a super busy mess. Seriously, I've been trying to finish up three things at once. Well, actually I'm in the middle of three things and budgeting time for them is a little difficult. I'll not get into too much detail, but damn.

I can't wait for 5:00.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Again with the loud, angry construction noises 

Last night really had the potential to suck. But it didn’t.

P wasn’t home when I got there, so we didn’t go running. Instead, I bounced around the apartment (literally, I was jumping up and down in time to music…what? I was bored). C (Koko) came over soon after. They didn’t bounce as much, but there was some bouncing.

We hung out, shot the shit, caught up a bit on our lives (congrats to her!), enjoyed pizza and ice cream at the same time…ya know. We also tried to play the “Dude” drinking game while watching BASEketball. Didn’t really work. I tried to tally up how many times, they said dude, but they say it a lot. Fast. And I was drinking. But I got about 94 as a rough estimate.

Koko dropped P, Lion and myself off at the bar. When I walked in tho, Mix came over and said the cops had been dropping by lately. So I called Koko. She didn’t answer. So I called again. She still didn’t answer (apparently she was gassing up the Caddie). So I called my mom. What a lovely lady. I was dropped off at home around 11:30 and didn’t want to be there. So I went to Perkins.

That was a great idea. I called Levi on the way out there and was invited to see him (YES!). I saw a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in awhile, I got to flirt, I got to laugh, I got to kick hack for two hours and had a blast in general. Ya know.

I’ve really missed hanging out with Koko. I forgot how fun she is.

Grover is now 21, as of today. Happy Birthday to him again and again and again, he deserves is like no other. The poor kid. He doesn’t like celebrating his birthday. At all. It took me a month to find out which day it was. But this year his mother was going to throw him a party. Score, right? Well, last night Grover got the news that his mother’s boyfriend passed away. Grover was at Perkins and he was doing really well. I hope he’s really ok. He’s such a jem.

When I got home at 2, Drummer Boy was waiting. Apparently, P and him had exchanged words at the bar. I want to know what she said, cause they were both drunk and he apologized a million times. P and Stan showed up soon after. After talking with them a little while, Drummer Boy and I passed out.

Waking up this morning sucked.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The sounds of construction 

I think that should be sold at stores. It's such a beautiful and work-inspiring melody. Only not.

So my new office has a window and I have a lovely view of several construction workers...old and unattractive construction workers. Man, what good is a window without a view?

My fingers hurt from guitar. I played Monday night, before my lesson last night and a lot during my lesson. I guess I'm going to have to play tonight and get them all calloused again. Damn.

Grover came over and brought his anime Lain. Interesting. Strange. We only watched the first dvd and I guess we'll see the next one on Friday or next Tuesday.

My sister called last night. I haven't really been talking to her much because of something she said to me the other week. But it's dumb to hold grudges for too long, so Grover and I drove to her place of employment for free ice cream. Individual servings and a giant tub. Nice.

Oh a special thanks to Grover for letting me borrow Switchblade Symphony. It really helped me fall asleep...except when Lion called and needed me to pick him up at 1:00 this morning. Yeah. Apparently one of his friends was arrested and he was stranded at a local gas station.

Anyway, anyone wanna come over for an ice cream party? Koko I'm looking in your direction.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


I'm tired.
I hate Tuesdays.
They're worse than Mondays.
Mondaies? Mondaies.

P and I acted like kids last night.
Kids that build forts and pretend they're hiding from the cops.
Kids that smoke in said fort and talk about sex.

I sent a text to SuperDave.
He replied.
I called him darling.
He called me mi amor.
I could marry him.

I have to work today.
A lot.
So I guess I better get on that.
I need a new job.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Happy freaking Monday 

So Friday I spent all day in Madtown. Five hours in Barnes and Noble proofreading. Well, really only three proofreading and the rest of the time was spent goofing around waiting for others to finish. While I was there, I saw the guy who gave me his phone number last time I went. He made me promise to call him. I knew I wouldn't, so after debating through our conversation, I gave him my number.

He actually called. But I wasn't in the right state of mind to be talking on the phone. I was either talking too much or silent. Poor guy. I told him I have a boyfriend tho, so I'm not going to worry too much about it. He seems cool, but yeah, I'd just want to be friends, but it doesn't seem like he would be cool with that. Like he would say that's cool, but still try and hit on me.

So I was supposed to go to Janesvegas with Drummer Boy and see my sister right? Well, he called when he was done with work and said he was sick. So he wanted to pass out. I was sleeping when he called, so I just went back to sleep.

I slept for 12 hours. That's a lotta dip.

Saturday - I woke up at 9:30. So what did I do? Call Grover and see if he wanted to go to State Street. I kind of woke him up, but he said yes. So we went. And met up with Crazy Jake while there. I'd have to say it was a fun day. We walked everywhere. Grover got to eat Macaroni Pizza and I got my Panera Bread bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. Bomb-diggity.

There were plans Saturday night for a big group of people to go see Dawn of the Dead together. But Grover's friend, whom we have never met, invited P and myself over to smoke a jay before we went. We agreed. We followed Grover over there and sat on the porch. Wow. P only took two hits (she's a total lightweight with everything) and I took fourish. I should have known something when it made me cough. Cause I don't usually cough. Fuck dude, when P and I got back into the car, we were fucked up and decided we needed to go home. We had an argument over who should call him (not me because I was driving, not P cause she was freaking out). She ended up calling, telling him we were going home and hanging up on him. Just really insane times, I did not want to be driving, I shouldn't have been driving, but we needed to be at home. So while I was driving and trying not to freak out too much, P is sitting there, well, freaking out. It was kind of like tripping.

Later, after much was discussed (like having control of your house and the importance of water) we determined that we were living under a rock and that was definitely Jim Henson Quality®.

P passed out in her room and I slept for a bit on the couch. Then Drummer Boy called. Surprise! He was still sort of sick, but wanted to come see me. So he did.

Sunday - I was awake at 8. P came and jumped on my bed at 8:30. We made plans and called Grover to wake his ass up again. We accomplished a lot. P did laundry, we went groccery shopping, we saw the movie we had missed the night before...busy day.

Tonight, tanning with Shawn I think. And who knows what else.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I love alone time 

Drummer Boy actually came over yesterday. Can I just say whoa? I mean, he actually did something he said he was going to do. Awesome. And he's supposed to call me tonight (we'll see, he did pinky swear). And he's going with me to Janesvegas tomorrow (he pinky swore to that too).

After he left, P and I hung out. We napped together and accidently slept until 12:20am. P woke me up, I jumped into the shower and got my ass ready.

I didn't make it in the bar in time to see Drummer Boy. Once he was done with their set, he took off cause he worked at 6 this morning. My bad. I hope he's not pissed, but honestly, what can he say about it?

But I did get to hang out with Diablo. He was drunk and just really fucked up. P was back there for a bit, but mostly it was Diablo and me. That was cool. He told me he knew I was underage and we just talked and joked. It was a lot of fun. He thinks that Lion, Mix and Mix's roommate "might... I mean don't you think they're a little funny?" I laughed my ass off, cause Lion has told me a number of times that he dreams about that all the time.

It was a fun night. When I got home, I dished a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, stuck thin mint cookies in it, listened to remix and chilled out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

My friend tells me I bring it on myself 

I just don’t understand relationships and guys. They’re all just stupid and confusing.

So Monday…I worked all day. Eventually Shawn, P, Stan, Lion and I went to the bar. Shawn and I were later than everyone else, but right when I walked in, P says to me “He went next door, but he’ll be right back.” I had no idea who she was talking about. But it was Blaine. And it doesn’t matter. Cause he wouldn’t look at me or talk to me all night. Stupid Boys. I don’t get it. I’m not interested in Blaine. I can’t even explain it. It’s like, I took the time to go there, out of the kindness of my heart, to hang out and see him, even tho I’m not interested (except as friends).

Drummer Boy didn’t call me Monday. The bast’d.

It’s things like these that really give a girl low self-esteem.

Tuesday – I got to work and was told to get my shit ready cause I was going to Mad town. Alright. It sucked, but I did really well, so yay.

When I was done, someone else still had to finish, so I got to walk around. And I scored a phone number. But if I called him I bet he would ignore me like every other guy so far.

Last night, Grover came over and we watch the different ending to Evangelian. The first one broke my heart and made no sense. I should have known better, cause the different ending blew my mind, broke my heart and still didn’t make any sense. It’s like, the whole series was fluff just so they could throw some intense theological ideas in at the last moment.

Drummer Boy called. Shock! He’s going to come over today before he has to be at the bar to play. We’ll see if that actually happens.

Stan came over after Grover left. He and P sat in the zhen room with me and we talked a lot. It was fun.

Monday, March 15, 2004

It's hip to be a square 

I feel like I’m banging my head into the wall, backing up and doing it again. Over and over. Ok, here’s what happened.

Friday – Worked sucked. It was really busy, but I accomplished a lot, so I won’t complain too much.

After work I met Shawn and his boy. I just love his boy! What a darling. We went and saw a Secret Window (not a very good movie, but Johnny Depp…need I say more?). P, her man Stan, his friend Sunny (who Stan and P think it would be fun to see me and him talk, but he doesn’t really talk so…), Grover, Shawn, his boy and I all went. Big group. Fun. Mostly. P, Shawn and I snuck in Captn and Coke so that made it a little better.

Afterwards, Stan, P and I went to my apartment. I had a headache and all I wanted to do was pass out and sleep for 15 hours. Literally. So I took two Tylenol 3s. I got pretty loopy. But I didn’t feel depressed anymore (don’t fear for me, don’t lecture me). I finally passed out around 12:30.

Saturday – I woke up at 1:30. And cleaned. I cleaned my room and picked up the rest of the apartment. The day passed totally boring. When P got home, we called Grover. He came over and we watched the 1st Evangelian movie. Grover left, I sulked. Drummer Boy was supposed to come over and he didn’t even freakin call until midnightish. Then a million things happened where he was going to have one drink with his friend from work, but got left at the bowling alley and had to wait for his ride and while he was waiting he got drunk and couldn’t drive to my house. The last time I hung up the phone that night it was 2:47am.

More than pissed I was hurt. Talk about priorities. He promised he would call Sunday. I should know better by now.

Sunday – I woke up at 6am. Drove to a family pancake thing with my father. Hung out with family. Drove home. Napped with P. Did nothing except laundry really. P had to work, but when she was done, I met her for coffee and checkers. Neither of us felt like being home, cause we’re there all the time.

So we went to the bar. It’s my fault really, I suggested it. Just cause I’m sick of being at home waiting for the freaking phone to ring. Once I was there tho, I wasn’t feeling it. Even tho Mix, his roommate and their girls were there. It got better when Lion was there, surprisingly. I was fed drinks and got a pretty good buzz. It’d would be fun mostly, but then I would remember my phone wasn’t ringing and that would suck.

We played darts with the new bartender who wasn’t working that night; he can be named Blain. He was my partner in darts and we kicked ass. Lion has a mini-crush on him, I found out. Shit, I knew that already.

P and I went home. I got depressed again and just wanted to pass out but I couldn’t. My friend M called and I told him the story. I hate it when people are honest. I don’t really. But it hurts.

I passed out. Only to be woken by the phone ringing at 1:45am. The number popped up (so it wasn’t anyone in my phone book) but I didn’t think anything of it. So this guy starts talking to me, saying he met me in Denny’s. And that we did know each other. And I wore a blue bandana that night. But I hadn’t been in Denny’s and I was sleeping. So I bs-ed a lot, and figured out it was Blain and Lion. Once I said that, they hung up! Those jerks! So I called their asses back. Blain really wanted me to come for a walk with him, or meet them in the park, or go to a movie with him. I said I was in bed, and staying there. So he compromised with me saying “maybe” to going to see him tomorrow (today, Monday) at the bar.

So now I just don’t know. Do I have a boyfriend? He doesn’t seem like he wants a girlfriend. I just really need to talk to him. Soon. Honestly, this whole relationship so far is just ... not really good.

Friday, March 12, 2004

The post where I sound really dumb due to lack of sleep and excess of alcohol and stress 

(so pretty much like every other post I make)

Yeah, I've been missing. Did I not say I was busy? Well, I am. I didn't even get to take lunch today. So while I have a quiet moment, I'll write.

Wednesday I was all expecting to go home and take a nap, wake up, watch a movie with P and then go to the bar and see Drummer Boy. [interruption where I have to talk to several coworker and get dirty looks for doing my job].

Well, I got home and P was there with her man Stan. I talked to them for awhile with every intention of going to nap, but I we ended up watch Liam Lynch’s dvd. YAY! Frankie Forcefield, what a cutie.

They left, I napped. P called at 9 and woke me up so I could shower. I met them at the bar and won darts.

I drank too much. And not the right stuff either. Vodka = NO KELLY, PUT THE GLASS DOWN! Remind me that later.

When I set my empty drink on the bar near the end of the night, Diablo did the eyebrow lift, the head jerk and invited me to the back to smoke. So I went. I was fucked up after that. (Later he said I owed him. Oh and that I was his girl. That made me giggle.)

P and Stan had already left, but Lion stayed for me, what a sweetie. I actually had a blast with Lion that night. All night…even when he threatened breaking Drummer Boy’s legs if he hurt me.

Anyway, when Drummer Boy was done playing his set, I was trashed. He held me and talked to Lion while I concentrated on getting sober. It worked.

I barely got to see Drummer Boy tho and that’s sad. Supposedly he’s going to come over Saturday night and stay until Sunday night.

Thursday - Shawn came over. We got hella high and watched a movie (the usual).

Tonight...Who knows? I'm supposed to meet Shawn and his man. Then we would pick up P and everyone would go to Madtown and watch Corpus Christi or whatever it is. But I dunno.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Happy Lunch Hour 

Everything is so hella busy I could just scream. I have four projects I'm working on right now. They're all due at the same time and they all need my attention now. Unfortuately, I'm busy with someone else's project which needed to be finished yesterday. So I'm fucked.

Last night Grover came over and we finished watching Evangelian. I'm a little (read: a lot) disappointed. The whole series was great! And then .... nothing. I even fell asleep during the last episode for a little bit (so did P and she hit me on the head when she woke up).

I finally get to see Drummer Boy tonight. After his set is done, P, Pup (another friend), Drummer Boy and I are going to the hotel where Pup works in the kitchen. Also owned by the people who own the bar I think... Anyway, we're going to chill in the hot tub. SCORE! I'm not really sure I want to, cause work will suck major tomorrow, but come on. Hot tub!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I'm so happy there's only one of me 

Ok. So I planned on doing stuff last night. I’m not sure what. But ended up doing nothing. I went home. Hung out with P. We watched the Wiz. Listened to music and talked. Surprise!

So I heard this terrible song last night. Lyrics? Here:

You think you’re going to live your life alone
In darkness and seclusion... yeah, I know
You’ve been out there and tried to mix with those animals
And it just left you full of humiliated confusion
So you stagger back home and wait for nothing
But the solitary refinement of your room spits you back onto the streets
And now you’re desperate and in need of human contact
And then you meet me and yur whole world changes
Because everything I say is everything you’ve ever wanted to hear
So you drop all you defenses, I’m perfect in every way
’cause I make you feel so strong and so powerfull inside
You feel so lucky
But your ego obscures reality that you never bothered to
Wonder why things are going so well
You want to know why?

’cause I’m a liar, yeah, I’m a liar
I’ll tear (rip) your mind up, I’ll burn your soul
I’ll turn you into me, I’ll turn you into me
’cause I’m a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar...

I’ll hide behind a smile and understanding eyes
And I’ll tell you things that you already know so you can say:
I really identify with you, so much
And all the time that you’re needing me is just the time
That I’m bleeding you, don’t you get it yet?
I’ll come to you like an affliction then I’ll leave you like an addiction
You’ll never forget me... wou wanna know why?

I don’t know why I feel the need to lie and cause you so much pain
Maybe it’s something inside, maybe it’s something I can’t explain
’cause all I do is mess you up and lie to you
I’m a liar, ooh, I’m a liar
But if you’ll give me another chance I swear I’ll never lie to you again
’cause now I see the destructive power of a lie,
They’re stronger than truth
I ca’t believe I ever hurt you, I swear I will never lie to you again
Please, just give me more chance, I’ll never lie to you again, no,
I swear, I will never tell a lie, I will neer tell a lie, no, no
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! sucker! sucker! sucker!

I am a liar, yeah, I am a liar, yeah, I am a liar
I lie you, I feel good, I am a liar, yeah
I lie x4 ooh, I lie, yeah, I lie
I’m a liar, I lie, I like it, I feel good, I like it, and again
I like it again and I’ll keep lying, I’ll promise

Isn’t that terrible? I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time when I heard it. I’m going to have to find another copy of it somehow. Hopefully it won’t be too hard.

Ok, things at work are stressful. I’m not too sure what’s going on, but no one seems to be in a good mood and ready to accomplish things. One of my coworkers has had a lot of health problems this winter and now her mother-in-law passed away. The poor woman. So she’s been out the last three days and so people are scrambling to get her stuff done on top of our own stuff. My boss is inches away from freaking out I think. Blah. It’s just not fun.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Still freaking insanely busy 

Work is crazy. I don't even know how else to describe it. I have about 10 things I need to do by next week. I had to miss out on a dear friend's retirement party because of it. He still, however, snuck me a baileys and coffee, easy on the cofffee. What a doll. He will be missed.

Continuing with Wednesday...

We talked a little bit about some options. Nothing was decided because a mini-argument about his friend who decided to interrogate me stopped us. When he kissed me goodbye he promised to call on Thursday.

Thursday - He didn't call. I hung out with P all over the place. Underwear shopping for therapy. Oh yeah.

Friday - P was gone. I hung out with my sister and her boyfriend. We went to a couple of bars and hung out in their hotel room (it was their anniversary). It was a fun evening for the most part. Unfortunately my sister's boyfriend isn't very happy with Mix and I can't say I am either. So there.

Saturday - I had no reason to get up. I had no plans, nothing I wanted to do (except drive away but even that wouldn't work because I would have to come back). So after laying in bed for an extra hour thinking, I started cleaning my room. How sad.

Grover called me after a bit and he came over. We both wanted to do something but nobody and nothing was working for us. That sucked. So we said fuck it and went to Noodles & Co. in Madtown.

When we got back to town, Grover dropped me off. We decided to Perkins and kick hack with some friends. On my way there Drummer Boy called (11:30). I told him what I was doing and he said he'd would stop over there. So yay, right?

Hack was lots of fun. It was raining and cold and everyone was hyper as fuck. Then it got boring when Grover left. So I sat around for a bit, but then took off at 1:30.

Drummer Boy called when I was almost home. He asked if I was mad, I lied. Then he asked if I wanted him to call or come over or something. I told him to do whatever he wanted to do, but don't say he's going to do something if he's not going to.

When I got home I changed into pjs and started reading. Eventually I fell asleep, but the doorbell woke me up. I let him in and we sat on the couch talking. He rubbed my shoulders and appologized a million times. We talked a lot. And it was, umm, a fun night.

Sunday - As Drummer Boy was leaving, he said he would call. I said yeah right. He bet my five dollars that he would call that night. I am now five dollars richer.

I spent part of the day with my sister. We went on a drive to look at houses and to a nice restaurant for dessert before we ate dinner. She told me about her weekend and I told her about mine. It was a nice day.

Sometimes I have to wonder. Do I think things through too much or not enough?

Friday, March 05, 2004

It’s been some long freakin days, let me tell you. I’ve been proofreading and trying to get my book done while moving offices and helping my supervisor switch hers. Thank goodness I got a raise. A fifty cent raise. Man I’m poor.

So anyway. Wednesday, I think of nothing I would rather do than go home and sleep. So I did. P and I napped until 8 and then started watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Drummer Boy called around 10:30 to ask if I would be going out and seeing him that night. Impatient much? Especially for someone who still hasn’t called when he says he’s going to. Argh.

P and I got pretty and went out. Oh my gosh it was the most fun ever. There was only one downer... one of Drummer Boy's friends came over and introduced herself. She said that she needed to make sure that I was cool and asked a shit-ton of questions about me. I was totally not cool with that, but was distant but polite. I don't want to make a bad impression with his friends, but I don't want to put up with that shit.

Otherwise, my sister's boyfriend came and he's fun. We drank and talked and whatnot. The bartenders all love us and I love that. Diablo gave us a ton of free drinks and invited us to smoke in the back with him. Mix was super busy upstairs, but made it a point to come and chat with us. The other bartender (we'll call him Quest), P and I always thought he was gay. But he was offering his body to me so we're not really sure. It was a fun time.

So when Drummer Boy's set was done he came and we all hung out. Durring a game of darts, he asked the classic questions "what are we?'. I said the classic answer "I don't know."

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Oh. My. Goodness. 

I had a lot of fun last night, but I have to proof-read so I don't get to talk all about it until later.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

We're all mad here... 

Something amusing, the Commander and Thief

So last night was fun. Grover came over and we all watched Evangeline. Good, good stuff. So good, P and I sent him to the gaming store to see if they had it...they did. And because everyone is friends...Grover got to borrow the rest of the series. Umm, YAY! Lion had the bad timing to call when the third episode on the dvd was starting. I told him I couldn't talk and was explaining a bit of the night when he hung up on me. Jerk.

That show is very involved. All three of us were just inches away from freaking out. Thankfully the end of the sixth disk is a little easier, not as much of a cliffhanger.

So afterwards, Grover left and P's love interest showed up. The one she doesn't shut up about. The one she's liked forEVER! (forever being about two months). He was going to the club with us. Let's name him...Stanley.

Shawn and I picked up Lion in my car (I thought about leaving his ass, but I would have felt awful) and P and Stan went in his truck.

I saw so many people I knew and so many people I didn't know. I saw Aaron, Tony, Chris B. Jacob, Crusty Monkey, Too-Tall, Derrick, Justin. And like always I met new people. Especially exciting to meet was a boy who is interested in Shawn and who Shawn happens to be interested in. Fun times. I miss it...but am really glad I don't have to deal with it all the time.

Tonight...Open Jam at the bar.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Just Confirm and Deny 

It was a quiet night. Movies and pizza.

Magnolia was strange. I loved the part where they all started singing. The raining frogs threw me a bit. All in all, just really confused.

Tonight, we're going to the club. I don't really want to go. Ok, I want to go, but all the sudden, I'm driving. Well, not all the sudden, cause I always fuckin drive. I hate it. A lot. Cause I have a little car. A little car where having many people in it is bad. And so far there is like four people. That's a lot. And there is talk of another person joining us. BLAH! I simply won't do it.

In other news...Yeah, I got nothin.

Monday, March 01, 2004

*cough cough* 

I'm sick. Again or still, whatever. It freaking sucks. But I had a decent weekend.

Friday - Ummm...Oh I went to the bar after work with my parents. We played 4 games of darts. I won one, my father won one and my mom won two! She's such a cutie. Mix was there and mom agrees, he's hott. It was a fun time, since we missed movie Thursday.

I called Grover after that. He had to stop at the game store and then he'd be over. So I feel asleep and a couple of hours later he woke me up. We went to my sister's place of employment and she gave us free food.

Then we went out to Perkins for some kicking fun. It was cold out, but not cold enough to stop us. J and some other guy joined us. Lion was there every once in awhile. It was frozen fun.

I didn't get home until 4:30.

Saturday - I woke up at 3. Yeah, 3. That sucked. It was a beautiful day but I didn't even go outside until the sun was down. Oh well cause it was a nice night. I had a lot of fun Saturday night.

Drummer Boy called and invited us to a get-together. P and I picked up a bottle of Capt'n. Then with some premixed drinks we went over there. Not too much happening...Drummer Boy was all about going somewhere else. So we went to the bar. We played some darts...but that got old.

Because P and I were broke and we had a perfectly good bottle in the trunk of my car, we kept sneaking out there for a nip or four and then going back in.

Lion and some other friends showed up. We danced a bit (remarkable only because I haven't yet danced there). Oh my goodness, I wonder what kind of world Mix grew up in cause his jaw just dropped when he saw me and P dancing together. That made me giggle like a little girl.

All someone had to do was suggest smoking and I ran home and got it. P and I got to go in back, flirt with Diablo (another bartender who is married, but said in order for us to be back there we would have to flash him, ha) and spark a bowl. Mix stepped back for a moment and another guy we just met was back there. It was fun.

So Drummer Boy and I were kissing a bit. For most of the night. (But just a bit cause I hate PDAs.) Mix saw this and poured us a shot of something cinnamon because he's a sweetheart.

P, Drummer Boy and I took off around 1:30. We put in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...but P went and passed out after 20 mins. I didn't watch it either.

Sunday morning - I woke up at 8. P's dad called and said he would be there at 2. After going to bed at 4:30? What? That sucked. I couldn't fall back asleep, neither could P. So we cleaned. And cleaned and cleaned.

Drummer Boy woke up at 12:30ish. I had to run him to his car and by the time I got home P's dad was there. I sat with them for awhile, but then had laundry to do.

Off to my parents. No one was there, I made a cd, played with the animals and watched crap tv. Good times. I was waiting for C to call, but she didn't. I wasn't too surprised...

P and I went with my sister and her boyfriend on some errands. Then over to their place. We played video games and darts. Then we smoked and watched Sesame Street Music Videos. It was pretty crazy.

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