Thursday, March 25, 2004

Again with the loud, angry construction noises 

Last night really had the potential to suck. But it didn’t.

P wasn’t home when I got there, so we didn’t go running. Instead, I bounced around the apartment (literally, I was jumping up and down in time to music…what? I was bored). C (Koko) came over soon after. They didn’t bounce as much, but there was some bouncing.

We hung out, shot the shit, caught up a bit on our lives (congrats to her!), enjoyed pizza and ice cream at the same time…ya know. We also tried to play the “Dude” drinking game while watching BASEketball. Didn’t really work. I tried to tally up how many times, they said dude, but they say it a lot. Fast. And I was drinking. But I got about 94 as a rough estimate.

Koko dropped P, Lion and myself off at the bar. When I walked in tho, Mix came over and said the cops had been dropping by lately. So I called Koko. She didn’t answer. So I called again. She still didn’t answer (apparently she was gassing up the Caddie). So I called my mom. What a lovely lady. I was dropped off at home around 11:30 and didn’t want to be there. So I went to Perkins.

That was a great idea. I called Levi on the way out there and was invited to see him (YES!). I saw a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in awhile, I got to flirt, I got to laugh, I got to kick hack for two hours and had a blast in general. Ya know.

I’ve really missed hanging out with Koko. I forgot how fun she is.

Grover is now 21, as of today. Happy Birthday to him again and again and again, he deserves is like no other. The poor kid. He doesn’t like celebrating his birthday. At all. It took me a month to find out which day it was. But this year his mother was going to throw him a party. Score, right? Well, last night Grover got the news that his mother’s boyfriend passed away. Grover was at Perkins and he was doing really well. I hope he’s really ok. He’s such a jem.

When I got home at 2, Drummer Boy was waiting. Apparently, P and him had exchanged words at the bar. I want to know what she said, cause they were both drunk and he apologized a million times. P and Stan showed up soon after. After talking with them a little while, Drummer Boy and I passed out.

Waking up this morning sucked.

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