Monday, March 01, 2004

*cough cough* 

I'm sick. Again or still, whatever. It freaking sucks. But I had a decent weekend.

Friday - Ummm...Oh I went to the bar after work with my parents. We played 4 games of darts. I won one, my father won one and my mom won two! She's such a cutie. Mix was there and mom agrees, he's hott. It was a fun time, since we missed movie Thursday.

I called Grover after that. He had to stop at the game store and then he'd be over. So I feel asleep and a couple of hours later he woke me up. We went to my sister's place of employment and she gave us free food.

Then we went out to Perkins for some kicking fun. It was cold out, but not cold enough to stop us. J and some other guy joined us. Lion was there every once in awhile. It was frozen fun.

I didn't get home until 4:30.

Saturday - I woke up at 3. Yeah, 3. That sucked. It was a beautiful day but I didn't even go outside until the sun was down. Oh well cause it was a nice night. I had a lot of fun Saturday night.

Drummer Boy called and invited us to a get-together. P and I picked up a bottle of Capt'n. Then with some premixed drinks we went over there. Not too much happening...Drummer Boy was all about going somewhere else. So we went to the bar. We played some darts...but that got old.

Because P and I were broke and we had a perfectly good bottle in the trunk of my car, we kept sneaking out there for a nip or four and then going back in.

Lion and some other friends showed up. We danced a bit (remarkable only because I haven't yet danced there). Oh my goodness, I wonder what kind of world Mix grew up in cause his jaw just dropped when he saw me and P dancing together. That made me giggle like a little girl.

All someone had to do was suggest smoking and I ran home and got it. P and I got to go in back, flirt with Diablo (another bartender who is married, but said in order for us to be back there we would have to flash him, ha) and spark a bowl. Mix stepped back for a moment and another guy we just met was back there. It was fun.

So Drummer Boy and I were kissing a bit. For most of the night. (But just a bit cause I hate PDAs.) Mix saw this and poured us a shot of something cinnamon because he's a sweetheart.

P, Drummer Boy and I took off around 1:30. We put in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...but P went and passed out after 20 mins. I didn't watch it either.

Sunday morning - I woke up at 8. P's dad called and said he would be there at 2. After going to bed at 4:30? What? That sucked. I couldn't fall back asleep, neither could P. So we cleaned. And cleaned and cleaned.

Drummer Boy woke up at 12:30ish. I had to run him to his car and by the time I got home P's dad was there. I sat with them for awhile, but then had laundry to do.

Off to my parents. No one was there, I made a cd, played with the animals and watched crap tv. Good times. I was waiting for C to call, but she didn't. I wasn't too surprised...

P and I went with my sister and her boyfriend on some errands. Then over to their place. We played video games and darts. Then we smoked and watched Sesame Street Music Videos. It was pretty crazy.

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