Friday, March 26, 2004

Dear Diary, 

It was actually a really fun night last night. I went over to my parents after work (and changing into pjs) to do laundry. My mother made lasagna and we (my parent's, P, my sister and I) were all watching Old School. Until the power went out. Even then tho, it was a good time. We lit candles and played hearts. I was winning! But P quit early. Jerk, so I didn't win per say, but I would have.

And then Drummer Boy called! Isn't that exciting? We talked a little while, hopefully he'll call again tonight, but I'm not expecting it.

Anyway the bad part was on my way home. There are two stop signs between my parent's house and my apartment. I must have driven on these roads at least twice a day every day since I moved out (it’s also on my way to and from work and anywhere else really). Well, I didn't stop, not fully anyway, at either of them. And I was pulled over. He said he wouldn't have given me a ticket if I had stopped at one of them. But I didn't. And that's going to cost me $156. That fucking sucked. But I'll not think about it and it'll all be ok.

Today has been a super busy mess. Seriously, I've been trying to finish up three things at once. Well, actually I'm in the middle of three things and budgeting time for them is a little difficult. I'll not get into too much detail, but damn.

I can't wait for 5:00.

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