Monday, March 22, 2004

Happy freaking Monday 

So Friday I spent all day in Madtown. Five hours in Barnes and Noble proofreading. Well, really only three proofreading and the rest of the time was spent goofing around waiting for others to finish. While I was there, I saw the guy who gave me his phone number last time I went. He made me promise to call him. I knew I wouldn't, so after debating through our conversation, I gave him my number.

He actually called. But I wasn't in the right state of mind to be talking on the phone. I was either talking too much or silent. Poor guy. I told him I have a boyfriend tho, so I'm not going to worry too much about it. He seems cool, but yeah, I'd just want to be friends, but it doesn't seem like he would be cool with that. Like he would say that's cool, but still try and hit on me.

So I was supposed to go to Janesvegas with Drummer Boy and see my sister right? Well, he called when he was done with work and said he was sick. So he wanted to pass out. I was sleeping when he called, so I just went back to sleep.

I slept for 12 hours. That's a lotta dip.

Saturday - I woke up at 9:30. So what did I do? Call Grover and see if he wanted to go to State Street. I kind of woke him up, but he said yes. So we went. And met up with Crazy Jake while there. I'd have to say it was a fun day. We walked everywhere. Grover got to eat Macaroni Pizza and I got my Panera Bread bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. Bomb-diggity.

There were plans Saturday night for a big group of people to go see Dawn of the Dead together. But Grover's friend, whom we have never met, invited P and myself over to smoke a jay before we went. We agreed. We followed Grover over there and sat on the porch. Wow. P only took two hits (she's a total lightweight with everything) and I took fourish. I should have known something when it made me cough. Cause I don't usually cough. Fuck dude, when P and I got back into the car, we were fucked up and decided we needed to go home. We had an argument over who should call him (not me because I was driving, not P cause she was freaking out). She ended up calling, telling him we were going home and hanging up on him. Just really insane times, I did not want to be driving, I shouldn't have been driving, but we needed to be at home. So while I was driving and trying not to freak out too much, P is sitting there, well, freaking out. It was kind of like tripping.

Later, after much was discussed (like having control of your house and the importance of water) we determined that we were living under a rock and that was definitely Jim Henson Quality®.

P passed out in her room and I slept for a bit on the couch. Then Drummer Boy called. Surprise! He was still sort of sick, but wanted to come see me. So he did.

Sunday - I was awake at 8. P came and jumped on my bed at 8:30. We made plans and called Grover to wake his ass up again. We accomplished a lot. P did laundry, we went groccery shopping, we saw the movie we had missed the night before...busy day.

Tonight, tanning with Shawn I think. And who knows what else.

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