Thursday, March 18, 2004

I love alone time 

Drummer Boy actually came over yesterday. Can I just say whoa? I mean, he actually did something he said he was going to do. Awesome. And he's supposed to call me tonight (we'll see, he did pinky swear). And he's going with me to Janesvegas tomorrow (he pinky swore to that too).

After he left, P and I hung out. We napped together and accidently slept until 12:20am. P woke me up, I jumped into the shower and got my ass ready.

I didn't make it in the bar in time to see Drummer Boy. Once he was done with their set, he took off cause he worked at 6 this morning. My bad. I hope he's not pissed, but honestly, what can he say about it?

But I did get to hang out with Diablo. He was drunk and just really fucked up. P was back there for a bit, but mostly it was Diablo and me. That was cool. He told me he knew I was underage and we just talked and joked. It was a lot of fun. He thinks that Lion, Mix and Mix's roommate "might... I mean don't you think they're a little funny?" I laughed my ass off, cause Lion has told me a number of times that he dreams about that all the time.

It was a fun night. When I got home, I dished a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, stuck thin mint cookies in it, listened to remix and chilled out.

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