Friday, March 05, 2004

It’s been some long freakin days, let me tell you. I’ve been proofreading and trying to get my book done while moving offices and helping my supervisor switch hers. Thank goodness I got a raise. A fifty cent raise. Man I’m poor.

So anyway. Wednesday, I think of nothing I would rather do than go home and sleep. So I did. P and I napped until 8 and then started watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Drummer Boy called around 10:30 to ask if I would be going out and seeing him that night. Impatient much? Especially for someone who still hasn’t called when he says he’s going to. Argh.

P and I got pretty and went out. Oh my gosh it was the most fun ever. There was only one downer... one of Drummer Boy's friends came over and introduced herself. She said that she needed to make sure that I was cool and asked a shit-ton of questions about me. I was totally not cool with that, but was distant but polite. I don't want to make a bad impression with his friends, but I don't want to put up with that shit.

Otherwise, my sister's boyfriend came and he's fun. We drank and talked and whatnot. The bartenders all love us and I love that. Diablo gave us a ton of free drinks and invited us to smoke in the back with him. Mix was super busy upstairs, but made it a point to come and chat with us. The other bartender (we'll call him Quest), P and I always thought he was gay. But he was offering his body to me so we're not really sure. It was a fun time.

So when Drummer Boy's set was done he came and we all hung out. Durring a game of darts, he asked the classic questions "what are we?'. I said the classic answer "I don't know."

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