Monday, March 29, 2004

much needed java 

This weekend was fun.

Friday - Shawn met me at work when I was done. We went to see my mother at the book store and looked at porn. That was fun. Strange, but fun. We cut the visit short to go eat. And ran into P and Lion at Wallyworld. We made plans to meet at the bookshop after some more running around.

I saw so many people I knew at Wallyworld. There were 5 I haven't seen in forever with in a half hour. Neato. And in some cases, not so neato.

Back at the bookshop, Shawn and Lion looked at porn, I looked at High Times (with my mother right there, oh how we've grown) and P looked at video magazines.

The rest of the night was spent watching anime with Grover. He stayed the night and we spent it laying on the couch and talking about really strange, stupid-tired thoughts. With lots of dumb jokes.

Saturday - Grover invited me over for pancakes, but I decided to see what my father was up to since I haven't seen him in forever. So I walked over. I hung out with him for most of the day. I made him an awesome breakfast. I'm a wiz in the kitchen (but only if I'm making breakfast or pineapple upside down cake). I got to work in the shop and use a circular saw for the first time. And I learned a couple new poker games. I suck at poker.

C called and cancelled on our plans. Sucky.

Grover called and said that we were invited over to his friend's house to smoke. The guy who smoked us up before we were supposed to go to the movie last weekend. When we were outta our mind high. After 30 seconds of careful consideration, we agreed enthusiastically. Grover is so nice, he came and picked us up (a half hour to our house and back outta his way) so we wouldn't have to drive.

This guy, we'll call him Tech, is really awesome. When we got to his house, his daughter (she's three and adorable) just ran up and started playing. She's soo cute! She chased P around the coffee table for 10 mins. I got to play ball with her and let her climb on me. Fun times, I tell ya.

Tech put her to bed and we went outside and smoked most of a jay (well, Grover didn't because he doesn't). It was kind of rainy and crappy out, but I loved it. We talked, lots of fun. P and I were made fun of a lot. Surprise. After a bit, we went in and watched the Chappelle Show. Nope, still don't really like it. But the special guest VD's were kind of funny.

The child wouldn't go to bed tho. Tech's wife came home and we took off cause we were too much of a distraction. Denny's! Good times there too. The Superbird with no tomato and american cheese instead of swiss is most excellent.

When we got back to Tech's (without P, Stan met her at Denny's) we finished smoking the jay. And we walked around the neighborhood. Neat place. I saw the greatest bridge in the world. The creek it was over reminded me of Bridge to Terabithia. I had a moment and then we continued walking and talking. The weather was still drizzle, but the air was clean. It wasn't cold, but not warm. Just in general, it seemed like such a great night. I can't freaking wait until summer.

Grover dropped me off at home and I passed out. After finishing The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I'm really sad it's over.

Sunday - I woke up at 1:30. Whoops. That's the first time in a long time.

P and I sat around watching South Park for a long time. Finally we got up and walked downtown. It's a nice, long walk. We ate greasy bar food and chased a rock to my parent's house. They gave us dessert and a ride home. Once there, we showered and started watching 24 hour party people. It died less than halfway through, so instead we watched the Imposter.

I attempted to go to bed after that (it was 11:30 after all) but no dice. At 1 I gave up and took a tylenol 3. I finally feel asleep. But at 4:30 I received three text messages, which I didn't understand sent by the guy from the mall. I was annoyed and went back to sleep.

This morning wasn't fun. I just grabbed the closest clothes and as a result, am really comfortable. Not the most professional looking, but hey, casual Monday right?

ps here are some really, really cute games. seriously, they're just adorable. and addictive.

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