Friday, March 12, 2004

The post where I sound really dumb due to lack of sleep and excess of alcohol and stress 

(so pretty much like every other post I make)

Yeah, I've been missing. Did I not say I was busy? Well, I am. I didn't even get to take lunch today. So while I have a quiet moment, I'll write.

Wednesday I was all expecting to go home and take a nap, wake up, watch a movie with P and then go to the bar and see Drummer Boy. [interruption where I have to talk to several coworker and get dirty looks for doing my job].

Well, I got home and P was there with her man Stan. I talked to them for awhile with every intention of going to nap, but I we ended up watch Liam Lynch’s dvd. YAY! Frankie Forcefield, what a cutie.

They left, I napped. P called at 9 and woke me up so I could shower. I met them at the bar and won darts.

I drank too much. And not the right stuff either. Vodka = NO KELLY, PUT THE GLASS DOWN! Remind me that later.

When I set my empty drink on the bar near the end of the night, Diablo did the eyebrow lift, the head jerk and invited me to the back to smoke. So I went. I was fucked up after that. (Later he said I owed him. Oh and that I was his girl. That made me giggle.)

P and Stan had already left, but Lion stayed for me, what a sweetie. I actually had a blast with Lion that night. All night…even when he threatened breaking Drummer Boy’s legs if he hurt me.

Anyway, when Drummer Boy was done playing his set, I was trashed. He held me and talked to Lion while I concentrated on getting sober. It worked.

I barely got to see Drummer Boy tho and that’s sad. Supposedly he’s going to come over Saturday night and stay until Sunday night.

Thursday - Shawn came over. We got hella high and watched a movie (the usual).

Tonight...Who knows? I'm supposed to meet Shawn and his man. Then we would pick up P and everyone would go to Madtown and watch Corpus Christi or whatever it is. But I dunno.

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