Wednesday, March 31, 2004

So raise your glass and drink to the mysterious future. 

All I wanted last night was my phone to ring. Well, that’s a lie. All I wanted to do was sleep when I first got home from work. Too bad last Saturday night when Tech, Grover and I were talking about books, I set an alarm to help me remember. It went off at 5:30 when I was just getting into bed. And then the freaking thing rang at 6:00. But that was Kasey and I love Kasey so I don’t mind. And then P came home and crawled into bed with me stinking of chlorine. We talked for a little while, but eventually I got up to eat and she got up to shower. Neither of us getting our nap.

So we were supposed to go to the club. It was Clay’s birthday and I really wanted to see him, but I couldn’t stay awake for the life of me. I was in bed at 9:30.

It was while I was laying in bed that I really wanted my phone to ring. And have it either be my stupid boyfriend or someone calling to tell me I won a million dollars tax-free. Wouldn’t that just rock my world?

I’ve really living the exciting life the last couple of days huh? What with baking cakes and going to bed early…gee, how can anyone live so extreme?

But alright, I’ll look forward since looking back is boring.

Tonight, tanning! Yeah, that’s the only thing planned for the evening. P may or may not be going to the bar. She may or may not see Drummer Boy. And she may or may not kick his ass like she’s been threatening to. I guess we’ll see.

Tomorrow, my sister is going to be in town! I love my sister (as long as I don’t see her more than two days in a row and we don’t live together) and can’t wait to spend some time with her. As far as I know, the family is going to have dinner together and play cards or some such crap like always. Very cool.

Friday – My sister will still be in town and I think we’re all going to the bar! Yippee Skippee! I haven’t been there in awhile and it feels kind of strange. I mean, before I owned that bar. Seriously, I was the unpaid help. And now, I can’t even go in there without my parents. How unfair. I could even be behind the bar serving! But noooo. Then again, at least Wisconsin laws let me go in with my parents.

Stupid drinking laws...

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