Tuesday, March 30, 2004

There's nothing scarier than a pissed-off, sweet old lady. 

Good freaking afternoon boys and girls. It's a dreary Tuesday where the sky isn't blue and the leaves aren't green.

Last night, all I wanted to do was sleep. Didn't happen. Well, P and I went tanning. So relaxing... then Grover and Stan came over and we watched some anime. Boring anime. Stan and P went to the bar. Grover and I baked a cake.

Grover slept on the couch and it was late by the time I went to sleep, but I don't mind. Grover wasn't feeling super-fly happy so I put my cheering up powers to the test. Who knows if it did any good.

Tonight is Clay's birthday. So I'm supposed to be going to Madtown and dance like I've never danced before. Shit, I hope I can manage the walk from the parking lot to the door. I'm freaking tired.

Drummer Boy hasn't called. Ya know, sometimes I forget about him.

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