Wednesday, March 03, 2004

We're all mad here... 

Something amusing, the Commander and Thief

So last night was fun. Grover came over and we all watched Evangeline. Good, good stuff. So good, P and I sent him to the gaming store to see if they had it...they did. And because everyone is friends...Grover got to borrow the rest of the series. Umm, YAY! Lion had the bad timing to call when the third episode on the dvd was starting. I told him I couldn't talk and was explaining a bit of the night when he hung up on me. Jerk.

That show is very involved. All three of us were just inches away from freaking out. Thankfully the end of the sixth disk is a little easier, not as much of a cliffhanger.

So afterwards, Grover left and P's love interest showed up. The one she doesn't shut up about. The one she's liked forEVER! (forever being about two months). He was going to the club with us. Let's name him...Stanley.

Shawn and I picked up Lion in my car (I thought about leaving his ass, but I would have felt awful) and P and Stan went in his truck.

I saw so many people I knew and so many people I didn't know. I saw Aaron, Tony, Chris B. Jacob, Crusty Monkey, Too-Tall, Derrick, Justin. And like always I met new people. Especially exciting to meet was a boy who is interested in Shawn and who Shawn happens to be interested in. Fun times. I miss it...but am really glad I don't have to deal with it all the time.

Tonight...Open Jam at the bar.

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