Monday, April 12, 2004

Anime, Star Wars and Baseball 

What a long and eventful weekend...mostly fun too!

Thursday - Was a long drawn out day at work. But afterwards was mucho funno. After tanning, going out for coffee and entertaining a few guests, P and I sat down, smoked and watched Escaflowne. Well, the first disk and half of the second.

Friday - After waking up and everything, P and I sat down and watched more Escaflowne. We have two dvd players. One doesn't play every kind of dvd, and the other one overheats and skips a lot. So when they both crapped out on us yesterday, I went to the store and got an xbox dvd remote. It was a desperate situation.

Friday night, Stan and his friend Sunny (the really quiet one who P and Stan were trying to set me up with) were suppposed to come over. But they didn't. So I called Tech, cause he had called me earlier, and went over to his house. Grover was there. We watched awesome cartoons and played with Tech's child. Once Tech's wife got home, Grover, Tech and I went to Denny's. I faded. I was so tired and my brain was gone. It was a fun night tho. I think Tech really likes hanging out with me. YAY!

Saturday - I went to Madtown with Grover. Just a quick run there and back really. But it was fun. We stopped at my apartment when we got back into town and I got to see my roommate.

Grover and I went out to Tech's again. Tech and I smoked and then all of us watched cartoons. And by cartoons I mean Teen Titans and Star Wars: Clone Wars. I'm totally getting Star Wars on dvd when it's out. It's hott.

My sister called and bitched at me about how I was going to miss Easter Sunday with the fam. Then she went on about how I never spend any time with her. The only freaking time she has off work, I'm busy. So I left Tech's, even tho we had planned this out in advance (and it was so much fun), and went to my sister's. Where she continued to bitch at me for awhile. Oh oh! And the worst part is, she yells and me for smoking, but then last night she suggested it just so she could get her boyfriend to watch Carebears in Wonderland. I just hate how she complains so much and then doesn't have the freaking backbone to stand up for herself.

Sunday - I was up at 8:50...that really sucked. Especially since I didn't need to be up until 10 pretty much. MasterB and Calc (his friend who has an awesome car, great gadgets, but is a really big dork and not in a good way) showed up at 10:30. Off to Miller Stadium.

I totally called the Grand Slam hit by the Astros Berkman. Cause MasterB was talking about how it was ok that Davis walked Hildago cause he has something like a .500 BA. And I just mentioned how ironic it would be if Berkman (who has like a .200 BA) hit a grandslam. And then he did. MasterB wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the inning.

It was a fun game to watch tho. I was really hoping they could rally in the 9th, but no such luck.

So when I got home last night. I did nothing. I took a shower, P and I hung out and then I went to bed.

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