Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I blame Matt Stone and Trey Parker 

For my latest obsession with the words "c0ck", "howdy" and "shpadoinkle".

Friday – My sister was still in town and she showed up at my house with my mother. She (my sister) pulls out a bowl and starts packing it. In front of my mother. She asks if she can smoke in the bathroom with the steam and fan on. I told her to just go in the other room. So my mother now knows about the zhen room. Oh well.

My family went out to the bar. It was ok. I mean, what used to be my territory is quickly becoming another biker bar. Another one. So it’s not really ok at all. Mix quit and Diablo was fired. Blain is still there, but he still barely talks to me.

My sister wanted to go to a bar in a town nearby that is supposedly a kickin place. Now, Wisconsin Law states that a minor can be in a bar drinking as long as their parents/guardian is with them. But some bars require all their patrons to be of age. That bar we went to was one of them. Then the next bar we went to was one of them too. I guess I understand, but still…fuckers. My parents and sister had already gotten drinks. P and Stan were on the way, so I asked if they would meet me outside and take me to Perkins. They did. I chilled out with MasterB and some new guy.

While I was there, I decided to try and call my buddy up north. Ya know, my “brother” who I miss more than I knew. He actually answered and I asked if I could come visit. So I’m totally going north in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait.

Saturday – I woke up at 12. So unlike me. I went over to my parents and said goodbye to my sister. She’s such a cutie. But I am so glad I don’t live with her.

I went back home and packed. P and I went northish to her hometown. We watched her brother-in-law’s play. He did a really awesome job, but not many other people did.

We went over to one of her friend’s house and I got to smoke my first pink jay that I rolled all by myself. I’m so proud!

Sunday – Neither P nor myself were feeling well. We finished up laundry and tried to get home as fast as possible (we woke up at 11 and left at 5:30). But we had to stop at Tech’s. I met some new people, pretty cool. Some of us smoked. They gamed. P and I made up a card game, but it was dumb. So we quit. We were going to play war, but instead decided to play with the child. She’s sooo cute! Most of the night was spent inside with the kid, Tech and Tech’s friend from Chicago. He’s a cutie. Would not mind meeting him again.

Yesterday I went to Madtown on business. I had to avoid the whole left wing of the mall because I didn’t want to run into that phone guy who I haven’t called or text messaged back. Oh well. I spent a lot of money anyway. It was great. I got a pink shirt (pink rocks!), Crank Yankers Volume 2. Then when I got home, there was the shirt I had ordered and EscaFlowne. So a wonderful materialistic day for me!

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