Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I wanna go to Hawaii YAAAAAYYYY! 

Good morning. (I tried to just type and not say "Good Morning" or "Hello" or anything that is like a greeting cause it's kind of pointless, but it just feels so cold if I do it that way.)

Today I’m listening to the Cure. It’s part of Tech’s plan to “culture” me. I’m cultured. Just not in music. Well, not standard anyway. What? I didn’t grow up in a music loving family. So Tech’s going to let me borrow cds, or burn them for me or something. Just so I can listen to some other bands that I don’t really know…

Last night wasn’t so bad. I hate grocery shopping. But it was kind of ok last night. I was almost peppy. We picked up some soil and a planting pot for some sprouts. How cute! Tonight we’re replanting. All because C gave us spider plants for xmas.

So Tech came over last night. We hung out, mostly talking about music and whatnot. It was fun. He’s a pretty cool guy. He and Grover are coming over tonight. Yay!

Oh hey, I picked up the new Blink-182 cd. I know, pop-punk crap in your opinion right? Well, I like it a lot. It’s darker than the previous cds AND has one of the most interesting songs I’ve heard recently. Of course it involves Robert Smith of the Cure (which is why Tech is making me listen to their “real” music). But a pretty cool cd in general.

Oh well, it’s nine o’clock. Time for some more work!

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