Friday, April 02, 2004

*insert hug here* 

I can't do it any more. I tried and tried to keep my nosey nose out of your business, but I can't do it anymore! I know you're a big girl and you can make your own decisions, but everyone needs a kick in the rear sometimes.
Keol, meet my right shoe:
Drummer Boy is a waste of your valuable time. He's putting no effort what so ever into this "relationship". So he's cute. So he was your valentine. He's making you miserable!!!! No human being is worth that! I'm not saying cut him off completely. I want you to be a bitch and tell him how it is. You have every right to tell him to either straighten up or go away. You've got better things to do than sit around facing your phone and then facing disappointment. If he really cares about you like you care about him he'll see your hurting and do something to change it. If he doesn't, cut him lose. There are better men out there for you and you're very good friends with one of them. You know who I'm talking about.
You're a good person and you have every right to be happy. I just hate seeing Drummer Boy ruin you like this.
Take a deep breath and say "FUCK YOU!!!"

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