Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Right now I hate my job with a passion unnaturally devoted to hating my job 

What a waste of a night. What a fun waste of a night. It was a beautiful day yesterday that was made even better because I got to wear a pink shirt. I love pink.

P was home when I got there. We had talked at noon about what was going on that night. By the way, she finally got a celly! How exciting! We went through, cleaned and split up some stuff, giggled, got a movie ready and waited for Shawn and Grover to show up.

Shawn was there first. He came bearing presents. We all ordered Chinese food and smoked while we waited.

Grover showed up and we watched American Splendor. It was a cool movie. The characters were really interesting, the story was unique and I liked how they pulled the comic-style boxes and writing on the screen. Neat.

We took a little smoke/cigarette/hack break. Hack was cool as hell last night. Shawn, Grover and I did really well. We must have had like 4 hacks. And some really neat tricks pulled too.

Back inside, P put on High Strung and called us in. That movie was so freaking funny. Oh my gosh. The whole Jim Carrey as Death thing tho… a little lame. But in general, funny, funny movie. Seriously, watch it.

I gave Grover his birthday present. He really seemed to like it. I don’t know if I told ya’ll this or not, but a month ago or something we spent three hours on the phone and went through this book I have All About Me. He really seemed interested, so I picked it up for him. No biggie, right? I thought the kid was going to cry! That was pretty cool.

Well, shit. I gotta go. Who cares if it’s Jelly Bellys or jelly bellies. Generic, gourmet…it’s all the same.

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