Thursday, April 22, 2004

Smoking, dentist, boys, friends and privacy 

Tuesday, not much happened. On purpose. After my guitar lesson I stuck around and played a few, trying to get a feel for what I want. I found one I really like. It's black and beautiful and an electric/acoustic. Which I don't really need, but I like it! It's only $400. I'll just whip that out my back pocket...

I went over to my sister's and sat with her. Her boyfriend and his friends were staring blankly at the tv while she made cookies. My buddy I used to work with at Har•dees was there, that was coo. Mostly tho, I just talked with my sister. I was in the smoking room for a little while of course, but didn't partake too much. That didn't matter tho, the room was so full of smoke you could barely see across the room. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but not by much.

So I went to the dentist to get my root canal yesterday? Well, this guy decided that it's a mix of my congested sinuses and my wisedom teeth that is causing the pain. So he told me to take sinus stuff and make an appointment at the oral surgery center. And if there is still problems, we'll do the root canal later. Cause it's that freaking easy for me to pay thousands of dollars several times a year. I fucking hate my teeth.


Remember Spike? Back in December and January? I kind of had a mini-crush on him, sorta kinda in a way? Well, outta no where he sent me a text message yesterday. I don't know how interesting this is but here:

[some phone number]: Hi
Me: Hi. Who are you?
[some phone number]: Spike, duh
Me: Spike who I haven't talked to in months? From [some town]? Who was always supposed to call? Oh, duh! Wassup?
Spike: Yah cuz back with bitch
Me: You still said you'd come by and hang out
Spike: She won't let me
Me: Oh. Well then . . .
Spike: Did you even know I like you?
Me: Nope. (LIES! I totally knew) Did you know I kinda like you?
Spike: You sent signs (I flirt with everyone!)
Me: I know. But the whole D thing (and the fact that he was sleeping with her!) and other crap that was going on, eh.
Spike: That went no where. I still got an eye for you though.
Me: How come? Aren't you back with your girl? (boys are dumb)
Spike: I'm leaving her again.
Me: Oh I see.
Spike: Still want me?
Me: Lining people up? I dunno. I haven't hung out with you in awhile
Spike: I'm still me.
Me: Yeah, but what if I changed? Everyone does
Spike: Are you still cute and sweet?
Me: Of course
Spike: Then I still like you.
Me: Well, I guess we'll have to hang out sometime (oh jeeze, I accidently hit send too soon cause I was going to add something smartass like, but instead only sound like a freaking 3hore)
Spike: I'll see what I can do

So. Yeah. I don't know. He really is an awesome guy to hang out with, but as far as relationships go. I've heard some rumors, just rumors, but still. They aren't good ones. As far as anything else...I guess we'll see.

So I went to perk-ins last night. Had a lovely time. I was just in a really great mood and had a blast. I sat with MasterB and another regular for awhile, just shooting the shit. I actually pulled MasterB aside to ask about Spike. That might not have been a great idea cause he tends to talk a lot... Oh well, I don't care that much.

KJ was there. I sat with him for awhile. He was running the game the gamers play. I don't know. But it's cool as hell, they have a computer program to regulate the whole thing. Neato I'd say. But we talked a bit.

It was just a lot of fun. I got to see and hug a lot of people and I'm ok with that. Share the love! I saw people I haven't seen in months! And then I had to leave at 12:30. Sucky. Waking up sucked.

This whole privacy thing is kind of getting to me. It started because of the info Tech shared with me because he learned it off Koko's blog and because I'm paranoid... I don't talk about this a lot. For the longest time I feared that people would find this here blog. But ya know, it doesn't matter (at the moment anyway). I just get scared people will judge and get pissed off at me. Oh well. I still don't want my mom to see anything on here (I'm supposed to be the good child, I'd break her heart!) and I'm still not giving the addy away, but if someone finds it...Man, I still don't know. I just wish they would tell me I guess. Then we'll take it from there.

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