Monday, April 19, 2004

Super badass weekend in which I have a lot of fun by not doing anything 

I have a toothache. Still. It's gotten worse. That sucks a lot. But because of work, I can't go to the dentist until Thursday. So until then, it's don't eat any sugar ANYTHING, take lots of extra-strength tylenol and rub the Anbesol® like it's no one's business. Recommended four times a day? HA!

So let me tell you about this weekend. Cause it was a most awesome time. New people were met, much fun was had and many words were spoken.

Friday – After work, I picked up my laundry and started packing. That didn’t really take too long. But I couldn’t get a hold of Jaybean. So I sent superDave a message and asked if he would meet me if Jaybean didn’t. Well, Jaybean called from superDave’s phone. So I was off.

I hate driving. I hate driving even more if I’m alone. And I was driving alone for 4 hours. Thankfully I had a book on cd, Blood Canticle. I’ve never really tried to listen to one before and it was an interesting time.

Once I got to the town, I called Jaybean and he met me at Kwik Trip. We went back to his house and just chilled with a friend of his. Jaybean’s girlfriend, Angel, wasn’t there cause they had gotten into a fight earlier. She showed up pissed off like no one was ever pissed off before. So we just watched tv and went to sleep.

Saturday – Jaybean and Angel both worked from 10:30 until 7, so I chilled by myself. I ended up sleeping a lot, walking around town and watching NickToons. Fucking yay for Rocko’s Modern Life and Ahhh! Real Monsters.

When they got back all was well and we went over to superDave’s. That was the most fun…wow. I don’t really think it’s a secret that I’ve had a crush on superDave since the first time I met him (but he’s got a girlfriend and she’s from Ecuador! How could I compete?). But it’s so fun over there cause superDave pretty much has ADD and his mind works so fast that you could be talking about something and thirty seconds later something completely different… all the time. He notices little things and makes them funny. Not many people can keep up with his train of thought, I can usually do it, but making the effort is just a lot of fun.

It started out we were just shooting the shit about movies, books, games, nothing in particular, watching comedy central and smoking a bowl. I noticed a lain sticker on superDave’s tv and asked him about it. So the group started talking about anime and he pulled out his collection. We talked about anime for a while and superDave picked out one to watch. George Carlin was on so we waited to watch just a bit of that. Then Pluck picked up one of superDave’s guitar. He started playing and asked superDave a question. So superDave hooked up his electric guitar and was messing around a little bit. George Carlin was turned off and they played a couple of songs. SuperDave sang and it was just so freaking cool. I can’t wait until he’s famous, cause he’s totally going to be. They ended that and superDave turned the anime on. We didn’t really watch it too closely, mostly we all just sat and talked.

Sunday – I was awake around 9:30. Jaybean had to work, so Angel and I went to Hardee’s. Yum. Then we went over to see Jaybean at work. He told us to go over to superDave’s and say goodbye. I was all for it. We stopped to get gas and I got to meet some people that I had heard about. Sketch and Khewy. While talking to them Angel just blurts out “by the way Kel, Sketch is single so if you want, you guys should talk and see if you hit it off”. He kind of blushed and remarked how tactful that was of her. But when we said goodbye, Sketch pulled Angel aside and said he really wanted to get to know me better.

Angel and I went over to superDave’s, he and Pluck were playing Magic. We all talked for awhile. Then we needed to drop off cigarettes, so Angel and I went to see Jaybean at work again. I said goodbye to him and we went back to superDave’s. We smoked a bit and talked more. Pluck and superDave started talking about guitar stuff so I asked a couple of questions. All the sudden I have a $2,000 guitar in my hands, they’re both right next to me and showing me some cool stuff to practice. SuperDave gave me huge freaking folder of tab that he used when he learned to play. Plus this really neat chart that they made. So yay. I’m really going to have to practice now.

I had to take off and Angel needed to go to work, so we said our goodbyes. I dropped Angel off and away I went.

Honestly, it wasn't what I was expecting. But then I realized, it was what I wanted. Just a nice chilled out weekend with friends that I don't really get to see. I could totally see myself up there once a month or something. I mean, what else have I got going on?

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