Friday, April 30, 2004

A word to the wise... 

Don't eat a twister from KFC in 10 minutes if you haven't eaten in awhile. It doesn't matter if you have to go back to work, just don't do it. And Pepsi sucks. That's right, I said it.

My boss has more mood swings than a woman. And it's frusterating. Thankfully it went from a really bad mood to a "You're doing a good job" mood, instead of the other way.

So I had a family things last night. My sister from out of town was here with her boyfriend and my other sister and her boyfriend didn't work so all gathered at my parent's. Geoff called me right when I got there and I invited him over (mostly to see if he really would come). He did! So after only meeting this guy a couple of weeks ago and only going on one date with him, he's already met my family. Crazy huh?

It was a fun time tho. My mother made dinner on a campfire in the backyard and we all just chilled. My father had more than two beers and started telling stories of "drinking back in the day". We talked, we jokes, we laughed at each other when someone would get a good burn in. Geoff held his own by making some jokes at my father's expense. It really was fun.

Around 10:30, I decided I needed to be getting home so I could go to bed. I invited Geoff to come over so I could bum a cigarette. We ended up sitting on the couch and talking. But when I finally kicked him out, it took quite awhile to say goodbye. I wonder what the neighbors think of us now...Oh well.

P got home right when I got outta the shower, so we sat and talked for awhile. And we made plans for Saturday. It's going to be a roommate night. YAY!

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