Monday, May 31, 2004

Happy Long Holiday Weekend 

What a rainy weekend (really, last couple of weeks). And I love the rain, but can it just fucking stop now please?

I'm so glad I didn't work my day job on Friday. My family all went fishing and it rocked. My dad and I got into a mini-fight, but that was resolved easliy enough.

I worked from 6pm until 12:30am. We weren't really that busy (I was so bored!), but it was steady enough that we didn't close.

Saturday I woke up early and went to my doctor appointment. It went ok. Still don't know what's up but I'm not going to die.

Afterwards, I went and visited Spaz at work. He was bored and felt like going for a cruise. So after arguing for a couple of minutes, I agreed. Then I went to work (1:00pm). Wee. It didn't go so bad at all. I got done at 12:30 again.

Sunday morning Tech called me up to see if I wanted to hang out for a bit. One of his friends from Chitown was up and he's cool as hell (not to mention a cutie). I'd met him once before too and really hope he comes up more often. We sat and watched tv for awhile. Then went in the other room and smoked. Yeah, wow. Then I went to work again! I'm sick of it already (not the job, just not being able to chill). I worked from 12:45 until 10:30.

So much work. I don't mind that much, cause I really like my 2nd job so far. I just really miss being able to do nothing. It's only been a week since I started and I already feel like every available second counts. Like, if I'm not working I feel like I need to clean or do laundry or watch these movies because they have to go back. I don't get to enjoy anything really cause it's all so packed in there.

Enough tho.

Today is such a slow day. I have nothing to do. But I did kill my work computer so at least I accomplished something. Yeah, some virus got downloaded onto it somehow. Ummm, I'll not say much more about that cause I have no idea how it happened. But thank goodness I'm getting a new computer anyway.

I work again tonight. I really hope my schedule gets a little easier. When we were discussing my schedule before I started, I asked if I could have Sundays and every other Saturday off...I really hope that happens. I wouldn't mind being asked to come in every once in awhile, but I don't want it to be expected. That wouldn't be fun.

Happy three o'clock

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