Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I look freaking cute 

Sorry, vanity usually isn't the road I travel, but today I'm just lovin how I look.

I spent yesterday and today in a van. That's so much fun to say. But for work the last couple of days I got to deliver stuff. Good times. Especially because of the people I got to hang out with. Why can't I just be a driver all the time?

We'll not go into details (and millions of stories) but why do guys confuse me?

OH OH! So I started my second job. My boss there told me that I should quit my day job and just be a barista because I was a fast learner. (Note: I don't work at Starbucks) But they couldn't compete with the pay and insurance and everything...otherwise, I totally would. But I had a blast learning how to make espresso and various drinks. So far, they totally love me there and I love it too.

Apparently they don't like Geoff so much there tho. He started before I did and wow, I don't think I heard a good thing about him.

Hey, good news. I made a doctor appointment. Hopefully I'll get all checked out and they'll tell me I'm super! I doubt it'll happen like that, but hey, I'm on the first step on the road of recovery. And I don't even know what's wrong with me.

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