Wednesday, May 19, 2004

It ain’t easy being green 

I’m thisclose to being unbruised on my face. And that will be a new thing, seeing how it’s been two weeks since my natural color has shown. I can’t wait to stop hearing about the “battered wife” look and how it really looks great on me.

So after picking up menus from my new coffee shop place of employment (which isn’t open yet), P and I went to starbucks. Yummy java, iced mochay goodness. We sat our asses there for awhile, contaminating the atmosphere with our shrieks of ungraceful laughter. Good times.

And when we got home…movies. Decent movies too, I was a little surprised. Ok Melvin Goes to Dinner was such a surprise! I wasn’t expecting something wonderful, but the guy who played Melvin did an awesome job! This seriously was just like going to dinner with friends and having them open up to you. Sorta.

I put off taking a painkiller until I knew it would be ok to take two (that sucked a lot, jeeze was I hurting). Then I could happily pass out and hopefully not wake up like I have been the last couple of nights. Well, I still woke up, but until I went to sleep, I had me a fun time.

Ok, here is why I have an awesome roommate: she doesn’t need to smoke. Seriously, she can just smell the freaking baggie and her eyes glaze over. Me on the other hand, I’m in training with Tech to be able to finish a jay with him by the end of summer. Quite the task. But I’m on the injured list (like I want dry sockets). Last night, she took the hits for me and blew them in my face, hoping enough would be inhaled through my nose for me to catch a buzz. It didn’t exactly work (we’ll not go into what did work) but she tried. And that’s freaking awesome.

And I still can’t find my beautiful wooden box. Everything in it is totally replaceable, like it would suck to not have my oney anymore, my pink papers, a dollar and I’d have to get a new tool, but I could deal with that. What I’m having the hardest time with is the actual box. Crusty Monkey gave that to me last year and now I haven’t spoken to him in months. I can’t even describe how upset I would be if I didn’t find it. So send good vibes my way?

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