Wednesday, May 26, 2004

It's a Cannibal* day 

The sky is blue and all the leaves are green.

Lately, when I have nothing to think about, I'll think about my schedual. And shake my head wondering how I'm going to make it through. Cause I work every day for the next week and a half.

Friday: 8am-5pm at Day job, 5:30-Midnight at Coffee
Saturday: 9am Dr's Appointment, 10:30-Midnight at Coffee
Sunday: 9am-10pm
Monday: 8am-5pm at Day job, 5:30-10 at Coffee

And so it continues.

Normally, I won't be working this much at the coffee shop but it's Memorial Day weekend and an extremely busy time for the area. Because she asked nicely, I agreed. But supposedly, I'm going to have Sundays and every other Saturday off. I've never worked two jobs at the same time before, I really hope this works.

*Cannibal the Musical that is...come on, do I look like one who enjoys chewing on the flesh of other humans? What? I do? Oh.

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