Thursday, May 06, 2004

Kickin' it 

I just typed out the entire week that I had but realized, the last week doesn't really matter. Nothing unusual happened. It was mostly the same shit, different day going on and on.

A few things of note tho:

•I've kind of been avoiding Geoff. I'm not too sure why.

•C read what I wrote about being dissapointed in her and we exchanged some emails...hopefully everything has been sorted out and we can continue with whatever we have going on. (we're going to hang out this weekend!...unless she cancels and then I'll just have to slit my wrists...just kidding, but it would suck)

•I've been totally obsessed with kicking hack lately. And I fucking rock at it (ok, so I'm not the greatest, but I can keep it alive!). It seems to have happened overnight, but I guess it you kick for 4 years, eventually you improve.

•Today, my job hurt my feelings. All year I look forward to being a driver for a week. A coworker and I deliver guide books that I work on to local businesses. Well, this year, because I'm so busy with other projects, my boss is sending another girl to take my place in delivering. That sucks. It took away almost half of what I worked for (the other half is the paycheck...but it's not worth the work on it's own). Another reason this sucks, is I worked extra hard and got the guide book done early so I could work on my other projects before we started delivering the books. But my boss figures we might as well get it out earlier...that jerk. Honestly, this hit me hard.

•There are new summer drivers and man, this one guy is such a cutie. I would not mind talking to him a little more.

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