Thursday, May 13, 2004

Retirement! See the possibilities... 

Good freaking morning all.

So I’ve finally got the majority of my junk outta the office. It’s been a hard couple of months. It’s not as rewarding as it was last year either. Oh well. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself, I’m almost outta work! I’m sure I’ll think of something.

The last couple of days have been jam packed with things to do. And while I wish I had more time to spread these things out, I’m lovin it. Just like Micky D’s.

Side rant real quick like – I HATE how McDonald’s is saying I’m lovin it. Come on! I used to say it all the time; it was one of my favorite phrases. But now…I just get evil looks. Corprate bast’ds. End side rant.

Tuesday at work didn’t go much better than Monday. But the night was fun. After my lesson, Grover and Koko came over. I needed to move around a little bit, so Grover kicked some hack with me in the parking lot. While we were out there, one of my neighbors came home. He looked interested, so I invited him to play. And he did. So yay for neighbors.

After we were all tired and hot and nasty, it was time for a break. We went upstairs to my apartment, watched Big Fish and ate cake. Yum.

Wednesday was pretty fun too. Work sucked. When I got home, KJ called. Apparently people are worried about me, so he wanted to make sure I was ok. He came over to talk. We chilled out and watched Mr. Dane Cook. He’s a funny man.

I went over to my parents afterwards…some of my family from the south is visiting. Oh yeah. Originally from Texas (or Okalahoma or Mississippi), my aunt is the coolest. I wanted to be mad at her cause she married a man who was thieving from her before they were married…but she’s just so damn cute. So I’ll just ignore him…Not hard to do cause he ignores me too the jerk.

I didn’t stay there too long cause I told MasterB I would talk to him. But he wasn’t in town yet. I went over to my friend’s house (the one who had the kid who I saw for the first time on Sunday). I got to play with a baby! Aww, I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist his charm once I held him. Babies!

MasterB, Geoff and I (with various other characters) chilled out at the restaurant until midnight. Most of the time was spent playing name that tune on a friend’s phone. I’ve never heard such a butchered version of Sum-41 in my life.

Today I learned more about my 401K. Alright, this just seems a little strange to me. I’m not even 20, but I’m saving for when I’m 60 something? Well, I’m all ok with it, but wow. I’ll prolly die before I see that money. So I’m kind of looking at it like a gift to my parents or sisters really. Do you think that means I can stop giving them birthday presents? Yeah I didn’t think so either.

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