Thursday, June 24, 2004

Did I just say Nambsy Pansy?  

What’s a girl to do?

Last night, right after the office job, I went to look at an apartment (in town B if you remember the complex math problem I put forth a few days ago). Um, not where I want to live, even if I got the walk in closet, my own bathroom and balcony (cause yes they would be mine).

I still really want to live in the house/apartment thingy. I called up KJ and asked if he would still like to live with us. He said sure. I think. Well, in any case he has the guy’s number and is supposed to call today and make an appointment to see the house. I really hope he does this cause man, I wanna live there.

He also came over last night. I broke my phone right when he showed up cause I was a little upset (it kind of fell and I kind of threw it… ok, I threw it. So I throw things when I’m mad, big deal). He took me to the phone store place, but they were closed. In a moment of desperation I called out to God and said I would “never asked for anything else ever again…wait that’s a lie, but you already knew it was a lie because you’re God, so don’t listen to me.” And my phone started working. Did I just waste a miracle on a cell phone? Just kick me or something.

I think I could totally live with KJ. We chilled out on the couch. Man, that couch is magic. Sure it looks like crap (it would be gorgeous if it was reupholstered) but it’s touched.

We watched 50 First Dates, which is so very cute. He really wanted to drink so he ran to the store and got alcohol. I wasn’t going to drink, but in the end, after thinking about too many things I decided that I would. I know, that’s dumb. Dumb like a freshman. But I only had one and then I went to sleep. KJ slept on the couch to “keep me safe” because P and Stan had left for the night. He had drank more than me so I was happier keeping him off the road anyway.

Why was I upset like a little nambsy pansy? Well, Grover wants me to read his notebook. I’m not so sure that’s a great idea. P has read it. C has read it. Tech has read it. And now me? Ummm, sure I might be the person in question in Grover’s mind, but I just don’t know about this.

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