Thursday, June 03, 2004

I got paid for nothing... 

All yesterday while working. At my day job, at the shop...seriously, it kind of sickens me. Well, it doesn't bother me at the day job, but I feel really bad for not having anything to do at the shop. I made a cappuccino and a latte yesterday. That's it. Of course I was only there from 5:30 until 9:45.

But a lot of people stopped by the shop and said hi. My sister and mother came by. KJ sat with me for prolly an hour or more. We had a fun talk. I really miss that kid. Oh and I met Lion's new imported boyfriend, Timber. They met when Lion went home to visit his family in Colorado. I guess Timber just moved up here the day before yesterday. He seems pretty cool.

P and I went and checked out an apartment yesterday. It's in a house instead of a complex, so that's different. It's also older and kind of run down. But P and I both really like it. There are three bedrooms and two of them are huge! The only major problem is the tiny bathroom that doesn't have a bathtub. I love me some baths so that sucks. But otherwise, it's really neat. That's only $575 plus utilities (in our apt now we only pay electric) so it's a jump in price. But, we can have other roommates! So yay!

Great news! Well, for me. Jimmy Newquist, formerly of Caroline Spine is going to be at a bar nearby. And I get to go! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I'm actually going with Stan. See, he got tickets for him and P, but P is going to be gone for two weeks. And I'm in love with Jimmy so P told him to take me! The only requirement is that I have to make out with him and Stan gets to take pictures for P. And if that's what she wants...I suppose I'll take it for the team.

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