Monday, June 28, 2004

I worked a lot this weekend. And even when I wasn’t working, it felt like I was working. This weekend kind of sucked.

Friday – Um, yeah, I worked all fucking day and all freaking night. Good times. Only not. At the shop, my boss and coworker decided they would get all in my face about me not having a place to live. They were trying to be helpful, but really just stressed me out a whole bunch. And I was trying to have a text conversation with Shaggy at that time, which was also stressing me out, so I ended up being a little bit of a bitch to him. I apologized, but he’ll prolly still hold it against me.

That was a stressed out conversation cause we were talking about how Arrow and Irish (people we work with) want us to hook up. And I was trying to stay neutral. Which was kind of hard to do.

He stopped by right when I got done with work and we ended up talking for quite awhile. He invited me ditch work and go to Madtown with him on Saturday. I really, really wanted to. But responsibility and all that…

Saturday I worked. I was so tired all day and was totally looking forward to five so I could go home and sleep… And finally at the end of the day, my boss asks me how late I can stay. I said something like I would appreciate leaving as soon as possible. She said well you let me know how late you want to stay and walked out the door.

Ummm, I don’t want to stay late. I want to leave! Let me go devil woman!

At 5:30 I asked her if it would be cool if I left. And she just looked at me for a minute and said all you have to do is pack right? I answered yeah, but my entire house. She then said I could leave, but it wouldn't really be cool. So I offer to stay a couple of more hours.

Immediately after that conversation I went into the bathroom and cried. Call me a baby, I don't fucking care. But I left at 5:45 after my boss hugged me and said that it would be ok. That pissed me off.

I cried the entire way home and for even longer once I got there. P curled up with me and we talked for a bit. After which I felt better so I took me a nap.

I didn't want to wake up, but alas I did. I had people to see. Tech had his friends from Chi town around to visit. That was just a really weird time. Like I wasn't in the talking mood. I just couldn't do it. I was tired and depressed and really smoked. I can't even explain what was going through my mind.

When I got home, P and I talked more. I packed more stuff and finally went to sleep at 3.

Only to wake up at 8 on Sunday morning. No good. I went and got packing tape and donuts and started the day. We packed and packed and packed. Shaggy came over with a big van from work and Stan came and helped too. My dad and sister stopped by and picked up my big tv, the dvd players and the other electronics that we didn't want in storage. We got a lot accomplished, but it's still not done.

After moving everything, Shaggy invited me to go to Pizza Hut and chill with him and his friends. I didn't want to go with P and Stan cause they were meeting up with Smith. Yeah, I still haven't dealt with that either. Not that I don't like him, I just don't really want to date him.

Again, I was super quiet. "Silent" I believe is what I was called more than once. But I was so tired I just didn't care. It was fun enough tho. He has cool friends.

I ended up staying the night in my parent's basement. I am just the defination of cool now.

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