Monday, June 14, 2004

An old cup of coffee 

This weekend rocked. In a major way.

Friday – At lunch, the guys (the non-office workers) announced that they were going to have some drinks after work in one of the warehouses. I was cordially invited, the only office person asked to attend. I, in turn, invited a coworker friend.

After work, we got all set up and started drinking a bit. Well, the bosses found out and weren’t too keen on the idea. So we got sent away. I ended up going to a bar with my coworker friend and another lady in the office. Yeah, not too fun. I’d rather hang out with the guys. So I called up Shaggy and asked if he would pick me up on his way to where all the guys were going. He said he would. Nice guy. On the way there (it was a long drive) we talked. Earlier someone said something about us being friends and he said we weren’t. On the drive I gave him shit for it. He explained how he was just so cool that people usually come to him and ask to hang out. And since I didn’t do that, he assumed that I didn’t want to be friends, not to mention I’m a bitch. I called him an ass and we decided that we would be friends.

When we got to the ball field where two of the guys were playing, we sat ourselves on the coolers and watched. My coworker friend and her cousin showed up. I sent a text to Smith and asked him to pick me up here when he was ready to go to the show. He showed up in five minutes, but just wanted to hang out for a while.

When we finally did take off, I’d forgotten my purse in Shaggy’s car. As he unlocked it, I said something along the lines of “so did you lie to [coworker]…” and I stopped talking cause I realized it made no sense. I know it had to do with his “I’m so cool people come to me” line. But I didn’t make much sense. He heard it tho and wondered what I was talking about. I didn’t tell him cause I didn’t know. I mean, come on, drinking with no tolorance on an empty stomach? Yeah, I knew what I was saying.

Smith and I drove to the bar where Stan was waiting. As soon as we walked in the door I saw Drummer Boy. RUN AWAY! Not really. I just walked on by and had Stan order me a drink. When I felt I could, I walked up to Drummer Boy and asked for a cigarette. He gave me one (what’s he going to do, say no?) and started going on about how busy he’s been with three bands and a job and wow just so much has happened. I said that’s nice, and oh my drink is over there I gotta go. And walked away.

We got upstairs no problem, and sat on the balcony talking. The warm up band was hours late. So there was plenty of time to talk. Smith and one of his friends went to another bar for cheap shots. Stan and I talked until they came back. That was fun. He’s a cool dude. Sometime, after they came back I think, I saw an old friend and met her entire group of friends and their friends and on and on. It was fun. And not to mention the whole night Shaggy and I were sending text messages. Good times.

Jimmy Newquist himself started playing so I went inside with Smith. Where I saw another friend. I sat talking with him for quite awhile. Finally I gave up and just enjoyed the show. Or at least tried to. Smith left for a moment and Drummer Boy walked up to me and started talking. I don’t know how he started, but I know he said he was an ass. I agreed. And then he asked could he at least get his dvds back? At least? Fuck you, they’re mine now. I didn’t tell him that, but if he’s sooo busy then I don’t think I’ll ever see him to give them back. Whoops, sucks for him.

Saturday – I worked all day. My boss gave me the option of leaving at 5:30, but I stayed until 11:00. It was a pretty fun day. I got to hand out samples on the street and Shaggy and I were texting all day. He stopped into the shop, but didn’t see me, so he left. When really, I was just in back. Quitter. So he said he would stop by again. He did. And I sat outside with him and his cousin for awhile chatting. He wouldn’t stop bringing up the comment I had made the night before about him lying to our coworker. I didn’t care/still can’t really explain it. So I kept pushing him away from it. But he just didn’t give up. The jerk.

Sunday - I woke up at 9 and watched Berserk until Stan came and picked me up. We drove out to where P was training and spent the day with her and her family. It was neat, riding in the big ol’ army trucks, but I never want to join any military force. Ever.

Stan and I also stopped to see Grover. We sat in the hallway and chatted for an hour or so. I left him my hack and he gave me a chocolate bar.

Shaggy and I were still fighting over text messages about the dumb alcohol fueled comment. Just let it go man!

And this morning he didn’t even say hi. The bast’d.

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