Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Alrighty. So last night was one of the single most frantic nights of my life. But I'm sure the next couple of days will kick last night's ass for frantic-ness.

We cleaned the apartment last night. And we're talking super-duper-there-is-not-a-spec-of-dirt-to-be-seen cleaning. And it sucked in the worst way possible. Stan and P had been cleaning since at least four. Once I got there and took the rest of the crap outta my room, I had to run to the store for lightbulbs and a steam vaccuum. When I got back, I busted my ass cleaning.

We were there until a 10:30 and super close to done when I gave up. I figured that I would just use my "come in an hour late" pass that I got at the xmas party.

This morning we were supposed to meet this guy about the house/apartment we want at 6:30. But because we couldn't get a hold of KJ to see if he could live with us. Or Smith, because he's suddenly an option (he's got a girlfriend! Yay!). We called the landlord dude and explained that we really wanted the place, but still didn't have a third roommate. We have until tomorrow. So this morning was spent frantically texting various characters trying to find someone who wanted to and could afford living with us. No real answers yet. Sucky.

Now I'm going to be leaving at 11 today to go back to the apartment. I think my mother is going to finish shampooing the carpet (there's only 2/3s of the living room left) and so I just need to make sure everything is spotless and drop off the keys. I don't know when the manager is going to want to do the walk-thru, but I wanna be there. She might scuff up the wall just to make us pay for it. Stupid woman. She's not even giving us a reference! Good or bad. That just upsets me.


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