Thursday, June 17, 2004

Summer shopping, had me a blast. 

Ok, so yesterday I skipped outta work early. I had to eat lunch with Koko (HAPPY BIRTHDAY), check out some apartments and go to Mad town.

No one answered the phone at any of the numbers I called for the apartments. Still. I mean, come on people. I’m going to be homeless so JUST ANSWER THE GOD DAMN PHONE!

I called Shaggy when I said I was going to, but he didn’t answer. Voicemail didn’t pick up either. So I just hung up and figured he would see my number on call id and call me back.

Lunch with Koko was fun. We went to some Chinese buffet and ate and laughed and ate and laughed and then we had ice cream.

Shaggy came and picked me up and off we were to Mad town. I’m not sure how much we talked on the way there, but talk we did. And then we spent something like two hours in the Buckle. That was a lot more fun for me than I thought it would be. Sure he was trying everything on, but I got to help dress him. Freaking hilarious. The sales chick was running all around and was really helpful. But I just had to laugh at the whole situation. I just couldn’t imagine Shaggy in these clothes. But he bought them. Several hundred dollars worth. Several plus several more hundred dollars worth. And he actually looked damn good.

After that, we went downtown to see my crazy buddy downtown. I’m not sure if I’ve named him here and I just don’t have the time to look. We walked on State for awhile, ate Noodles (!) and chilled at my buddies house. I could tell Shaggy was bored and I was bored, so we took off. To the best cd shop in town. Oh yeah.

On the way home we talked. A lot. Because I helped pick out his clothes, he said I get to be there when he unveils his new look. Seriously, I’m so excited! We’re going to go to bar that a coworker/friend of ours works at. That’s going to be fun. Cause I’ve never been out with them.

Beppo is also going to be in town. Him, his girl and maybe some of their friends are going to be in the area. Unfortunately on Father's day. What the hell people? Is my dad the only one that freaks out over that day or what? Whatever.

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