Wednesday, June 09, 2004

There is a ghost in my office 

That was a lot freaky. I was sitting in my office this morning reading a book. There was enough light coming through the window so I didn't need to turn on a light. When suddenly the lights just turned on. I was five feet away from the switch and the only person around.

YAY for skipping work. I left at 12 yesterday. Mostly so I could take a nap. But I also went groccery shopping, that's an accomplishment.

Smith called me up at 5 and said that we couldn't go dancing (it wasn't a youngin night, Indigo- you'd be ok with that :P). So we made plans to watch the second Matrix movie after I went and looked at another apartment.

The apartment I looked at? Yeah, tiny. My bed would fill up the entire bedroom. Or at least it would be close. It has a pool and that's kick ass, but not worth it. Especially in the winter.

Smith came over and we ordered pizza. Yum. And watched some of the Matrix movie. But it was sooo hot in my apartment that we hung out on the balcony for most of the time.

Having P out of the apartment for a long period of time is a little strange. It's amazing how fast I get used to living alone. I miss her, but it's pretty cool at times.

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