Friday, June 25, 2004

Will someone please give me a house? 

The sky is just an awesome color of blue today. Not exactly different from any other day, but the fact that there aren’t really that many clouds just rocks.

I need a massage. It’s been so cold the last couple of nights, I’ve been curling up into a little ball when I sleep and not moving. So I’m a little sore. But what really sucks is, in my apartment, I’m the one with the magic hands.

Last night I finally watched Club Dread. I’m kind of disappointed. Sure it had it’s moments, but for the most part, it was just really … well boring. I just loved Steve Lemme’s character tho. Seriously, he was the best part. Except for the line right at the beginning about the guys nipples. So simple, but that may have been the best line ever.

Despite P opinion (a very strong "Oh god I can never get that time back"), Broken Lizard is still invited to live in our House of Love.

Shaggy came over and watched it with Stan, P and myself. He didn’t like Super Troopers, so he absolutely hated Club Dread. Oh well, I don’t really feel that bad cause he hates every movie. Excepting of course Empire Records. Whatev.

After the movie, we went out on the porch and talked. Neither of us are used to talking about ourselves (so we say) so I took out the trusty All About Me book and just asked away. And he answered. Eventually we didn’t need the book and just talked. Quite a bit. Until one in the freaking morning.

Most memorable argument last night:
“Why are you reading into everything I say?”
“Why are you reading into me reading into what you say?”

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