Wednesday, June 02, 2004

You were in your basement? 

Oh, cause I was in my kitchen and I heard it, so I came out.

Ok, so here’s how it went down. Our lease was up at the end of May. We weren’t really keeping track. What can I say? We were actually expecting the manager to call or drop by with a new lease to sign. But I guess she didn’t like us (maybe it’s because she’s a heinous bitch), so out we go.

And it’s not a very good time right now. P is going to be at AT for two weeks and I’m working all the freaking time. So how in the world are we supposed to set up a new place to live and move? Who knows, but we’ll get ‘r done.

I’m going to miss my apartment. I have a kick ass view with birds singing in the morning and frogs croaking at night. My balcony is my favorite place in the world. But really, I’m incredibly happy that we won’t have to live under the reign of that woman. And P is too. So hopefully we can find another apartment that we like that’s cheap. Cause we were spoiled with this one. Three bedrooms for $565? Unreal.

Moving on (no pun intended... well, maybe a little bit). Last night was a busy night again. But busy in a fun way. When I got home, P and I talked a bit about the whole apartment thing and we already have appointments today to check out other places.

Grover came over and I went to my guitar lesson. My parents had some stuff of mine, so when I went over there my sister was there and we all sat down to dinner. It was a fun time. I miss my family.

I went home and P was jumping into the shower. Grover and I started watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Funny stuff. I’m still not a fan of the redneck jokes, but maybe it’s cause I haven’t really seen much of that (sure I’ve seen some, I have family in Arkansas).

Smith, Spaz and Stan all came over. Spaz and I smoked quick and then we all sat down and watched Following. Great movie. That was seriously so cool. If you like Memento, this is better (same director, just better in every way).

The Russian came over before it was ending and was totally lost. Of course, that wouldn’t have been hard. I think he had been drinking for awhile.

Spaz and Grover took off after the movie. I went and took a shower real quick like and everyone else watched Aqua Team.

And of course we had alcohol here so Smith and the Russian were drinking all night. The three of us got into a conversation about love while smoking cigarettes on the balcony. How does that happen? I barely know either of them and for the “sake of conversation” am answering questions about my love life. I have to give Smith credit tho, it was pretty smooth. Really, the Russian is having issues with a girl and needed advice.

So when the Russian went inside (after running right into the screen door) Smith took the opportunity to ask if I wanted to go out sometime. Well, yeah. So he started talking about where and what. So far, it sounds really awesome. He wants to go to Milwaukee, have dinner and see a musical. Who knows if he was bullshitting or not. But he likes musicals so bonus. Oh wait, he’s an artist too. Double bonus.

Ok, I was totally going to write something, but wow did my mind go blank. Oh yeah. I ended up staying up until 1:30 or something and drunk. I didn’t even drink that much…wait. It just didn’t seem like that much. But two shots of Goldschlager and stealing drinks off everyone else’s beverages adds up. You just don't really realize it until you're laying in bed and the room is spinning.

My mom would be so proud.

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