Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Such a child 

Yay for hanging out with people you've know for awhile, but never hung out with.  Well, never hung out with not in a bar setting.  Or at work.

Last night was a shopping extravanganza.  Arrow, one of our coworkers, my boy and myself met up in Madtown and had a pretty fun evening.

Way too much money was spent.  And I loved it.  I spent over $250.  Yippee.  Some may ask what I spent my money on.  Well, I'll tell you.  A Donnie Darko shirt, a necklace, new shoes (that I've wanted for two years but never found until last night, it was magic I tell you) and a game boy advance complete with starter kit and Kirby.

I'd been thinking about getting a game boy for awhile.  Awhile being two days.  And since it's my birthday today and I'm not going to get a chance to celebrate, I figure I'd celebrate by putting all my frustrations with work into my hardcore Kirby game when we're not busy at the shop.  I'm a rebel.

I got flowers at work today.  It wasn't a surprise in the slightest, which would have been more fun.  Oh well, at least I got flowers.  And they're pretty.  And not roses.  Which is a good thing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What's the buzz, tell me what's a'happenin? 

Ok, so as we speak, one of my coworkers is actually shaving.  As in, he has an electric razor or whatever and is shaving in his office across the hall while talking to the manager of the company.  What?
So I’m feeling pretty good today.  There so many reasons I should feel like crap, but I don’t wanna complain.  So I’m just going to smile and enjoy the beautiful blue sky thru my window.
I’m excited for tonight.  Sure I’m not going to the Warped Tour (and apparently for no reason cause I’ve done nothing of value this afternoon) but I am still hanging out with a really cool guy.  And that’s enough.
So I feel a little bad.  I’ve barely seen any of my other friends.  Between working, sleeping and moving that last couple of weeks, I haven’t had time for anyone (excepting the guy, but I had to stay up super late at night to see him and that was unintentional...it just sort of happened).  Honestly, I miss my friends a lot.  Now tho, I don’t even know who my friends are.  I don’t want to have the whole “growing apart” thing happen at the same time with everyone I know, but it feels that way sometimes.
Hopefully Thursday tho, I’ll be able to spend some time with at least Spaz and Grover.  Grover who I was avoiding for way too long.  But hopefully it did some good and he realized that I’m not perfect.
I really miss him most of all I think.  But I don’t know if he can be my friend.  And that sucks.  But I’m going to give it a try I think.  Is that selfish?  Maybe.

Monday, July 19, 2004

I haven’t died.  

For the most part:  Same shit, different day.  I’m still working a lot.  I still sleep whenever I get the chance.  And I’m still really happy with my new guy.
As for the differences:
I have a new home.  On some occasions I love it. Other times I really hate it and think it’s a ghetto piece of crap.  But for the most part, I have a big room.  And that wins.
I have new roommates.  I finally got to hang out with them too!  There was a couple inspired hang out night, completely unintentional, Potter and his girl, Stan and P, and me and my man.  Good times.  I think Potter is definitely going to love living with P and myself.  On Sunday morning, P and I rushed into his room with krispy kremes, water and smoke.  We woke him up, but I don’t think he minded too much.
I hate my jobs.  Oh wait. That’s not new.  But I have been working on a resume.  So hopefully I’ll get that all up to date and find a new job!  YAY!
So I was supposed to go to the Vans Warped Tour tomorrow.  I don’t know if that’s going to happen now.  Apparently, I can’t take a freaking day off work because I have to babysit my supervisor.  No, really I have to learn how to do a project that isn’t going to be done until December.  That’s why I have to learn it tomorrow and never any other day.  That makes me mad.  Especially since it’s my birthday on Wednesday and I have to work all day long.  ALL DAY!  From 8 in the morning until 10 at night.  I’m not really happy about that.
And I’m prolly not going to get to go to Country Thunder this weekend.  Because I can’t take time off my other job.  How fucking shitty is that?  Two different concert events with a million bands, for FREE and I can’t go.  I’m totally going to argue this.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Chiggity-Check it out 

Work was so slow today. I finished up yesterday's work this morning and expected a huge rush of paperwork...I got one flippin agreement. So the remainder of my day was spent watching our tech guy put my new computer in. So yay! No more popup ads every two seconds! No more waiting five years for photoshop to open! No more missing commas because my keyboard was too stupid to realize that I didn't hit the spaceboard.

Anyway. So Vans Warped Tour huh? Yeah, I think I'm going. Yippie skippie.

Hey guess what? It's hot outside. Don't believe me? You should. It's hot, humid and windy as hell. But I'm ok with that cause I don't have to work tonight. So I'd be ok with just about any form of weather.

A friend from childhood is in the area visiting this week. I'm totally going to be spending some time with her. Tonight she's supposed to call and we're going to do something. Hopefully we've grown out of our old way of life...but I doubt it =)

Oh my gosh, quick little rant. I fucking hate abbreviations. Like when im-ing or texting. "lol" could totally drive me in-fucking-sane by itself. But leaving out the punctuation... Come on. I can't even shorten be to b. Or you to u. I just can't do it. It makes me feel dirty and not in a good way. The closest I come to shortening words is prolly and tho. (I have no idea what words I shorten so if I'm lying, let me know.)

Monday, July 12, 2004

Ya know, for waking up a short hour ago, I'm still pretty tired. Maybe it's because I went from happily snoozing to OH-MY-GOD-I'M-LATE! awake. That's not my favorite way to wake up.

So I didn't go to the sleep over on Thursday. I just talked on the phone for three hours instead.

And then on Friday, I didn't have a sleep over (I was trying to arrange one), I worked and slept.

But Saturday. Saturday was an ok day. But even better night.

I worked from 9-5. And actually got to leave at 5. Thank the heavens. Of course I had to actually ask to leave, but whatever.

When I got home, nothing... I was so bored. But just sort of hung out with my parents. That boy* was supposed to take me out, but "never leaves the house until nine because that's when all the cool people go out". I chilled, talked on the phone, watched the demon tv and napped.

He finally showed up around 10:30. He picked me up and he drove back to his town. We hung out with a friend of his who is taking a long vacation in Europe. At least that's what I gathered. She was pretty cool, but the situation freaked me out. Cause right before we went inside, he's like "ok, this might be weird for you cause this is my oldest friend who happens to be a girl." To which I replied a neutral response cause I don't really care. And he mentioned that this girl is his exgirlfriend's best friend and his exgirlfriend will prolly be there too and doesn't like new girls. Oh yippie. But it was alright.

After, we didn't have much to do. It was 1 in the morning and we didn't want to go bowling, which is all I could come up with as a possibility. So, after driving around for an hour or two we went back to my parent's and sat on the steps. And talked. And drank some. And talked. And he didn't leave until 6 or something. By that time, we were both really, really close to falling asleep.

Yesterday was endless. I woke up at 1 and went canoeing with my sister. Good times. And didn't do much for the rest of the day. I stayed the night at Arrow's tho. We talked girly and watched half of a movie. And woke up at 7:30 this morning, having to be at work at 8:00. But we're champs and as champs, we were totally on time.

*I really like this kid. Apparently he's my boyfriend now. Last I knew we were "seeing each other, not dating". But he called me his girlfriend on Saturday so hey, cool.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

I got nothin 

Ok, so I was totally off in my own little world, working away this morning right? It took a lot of effort to actually get there, cause I so did not want to do this stupid stuff this morning. And in walks my Supervisor to show me the silliest thing ever. Something that I may have to deal with, but not for another couple of years. I mean, come on. So now I’m totally thrown and have to fuck around for awhile before I can get back in the working groove.

Alrighty, one of my coworkers came in here this morning and asked me my sign. And then he asked me my boyfriend’s or a close friend that is a guy’s sign. He then went and looked it up, printed out a sheet and gave it to me. Awesome.

Speaking of horoscope, is anyone a brown-eyed Sagittarian? Cause according to the Gypsy Fortune Teller with a light bulb for a crystal ball, that’s the person that’s going to bring lots of laughter and love into my life. Umm, that doesn’t sound right since I’m totally smitten with a blue-green-eyed Leo.

P and I had girly talk last night. That was fun. Even tho it was two in the morning and she woke me up while getting ready for bed… Anyway, oh my gosh, her and Stan are really cute together. And I just want to see them have babies cause I know they’d be the bestest family ever. Apparently Stan mentioned something about getting engaged, but they would have to be dating for a year for that to happen. And P’s all excited cause that means Stan had thought about it. I would totally love to see that happen…but not for a while. I’m going to be selfish and need my best friend.

So I’m totally fed up with living with my parent’s. Not because anything has happened that would make me angry or anything. It’s just the idea. I was invited to a sleep over in Miller Town and I just know my mother would ask what I’m doing. I can’t lie very well. And I wouldn’t want to lie, but I don’t want to tell her the truth.

I was an hour late to work at the shop yesterday. I had to “rescue my stranded mom and take her home.” Apparently when I didn’t show up on time and a bunch of ambulances drove by, they had called my parent’s house. No one answered thank goodness. I ended up staying an extra hour tho, and that freaking blew.

Ya know, I’m the kind of employee employers love. Cause I’m totally someone’s whipping bitch. And I hate it. If they ask me to stay late cause they’re getting their ass kicked, I can’t say no. Especially when I’m not doing anything. Well, it used to be even when I did have plans. That’s since changed. The more they abuse me like that, the less I care about them. Which I guess is the way it’s supposed to go.

In any case, I’m really missing my free time.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Free Time & Movin Time! 

Right then. So last night was the first night in a really long time that I didn't have any plans or anything I needed to get done. And what did I do? Nothing.

It was really great. I went tanning, took a really long shower and hung out with my mommy. Just basically relaxed... (Excepting when I tried to go to bed and my roommate, who I'm actually sharing a room with now, and her boyfriend wanted to watch the stupidest movie ever made. So I couldn't go to sleep until 11. I was sooo crabby...I should call and apologize.)

But I was bored. And the one person I wanted to hang out with wasn't all about hanging out with me. The bast'd. Well, in his words "Of course I wanna, but health!?" Apparently sleep needed... yeah I don't get it either. Especially when last night was the only night we could possibly hang out until Sunday. Unless, of course, I decided to drive a couple of hours Thursday night and then back on Friday morning to get here in time for work. Uh huh, unlikely.

So. There were people I was supposed to hang out with but didn't call and now they're pissed. Well...whatever. I don't wanna deal with it.

Hey great news!!! We found a third roommmate! Stan's best friend, the really quiet one is going to move in with us! Yay. I'm pretty sure I already named him, but I can't find it so he's going to be Potter. He's not a stranger off the street and P thinks he's a cool guy. I don't really know him, but he's fun to look at cause he's hot. So that's a bonus.

OH! It gets even better. So there are two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs right? Well, I already claimed the big one upstairs cause I didn't get to choose last time we moved and P let Potter (and his girlfriend if she moves in with us too) take the big one downstairs. Then she decided to take the bigger of the two smaller ones downstairs. YAY! I'm upstairs all alone! I dig it.

I'm not sure when we're moving cause they're still cleaning the place, but I'm totally going to be out of my parents' house soon! So happy.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Independence day? 

Never have I felt more enslaved in my life. With two jobs and living at my parent's after a year of freedom... It's so depressing.

But in happier news I had a fun weekend! So I worked 41 hours Friday-Monday, but I still lived it up. Especially Sunday night and last night.

I really don't feel the need to go into too much detail, but I totally admitted to a guy that I "really like" him. And apparently he's liked me for the last three years. So neat.

Otherwise, I got pretty buzzed on the 4th and got to watch rhythm and booms last night. Good times.

Happy we're-a-country-day!

Friday, July 02, 2004

Laugh. It's fun. 

*I guess I didn't finish the thought on yesterdays post...sorry. But it's finished now if you wanna check out the living situation. It kind of sucks so I don't really wanna repeat myself.

Rain is kind of a strange idea don’t you think? I mean, water coming down from the sky? It’s just a little unusual.

My shoes are soaked. Last night we were trap shooting in the pouring rain. It didn’t seem to affect us too much. I still shot a 43, which is the best I’ve ever done. I’ve gotten to say that for the last three weeks. Yay for improvement.

Oh my gosh. Dodgeball is so funny. Like, it’s so funny, it’s almost too funny. And it stays that way throughout the whole movie. And Christine Taylor? Yeah, she’s hot. Seriously, wow. I used to idolize her when I was a kid (she was Melody on Hey Dude) and the reason I wanted to be a lifeguard (totally overrated). Back to the movie tho…things were a little coincidental. In general though it was not hard to enjoy. We may have been a little extra giggly due to influence of various substances, but I assure you that if you like funny, this is funny.

I managed to sleep last night! I got more sleep last night than I’ve gotten in two weeks! And today I’m dead tired. I would need one more night of quality sleep before I got back to normal and unfortunately, that is not what is going to happen. Instead I’m going to work. All weekend long.

I've been getting a lot of crap about my coffee job from my friends and family. Of course I've been getting a lot of crap from my job. Like the whole, working full time hours when it's supposed to be a part time job (not to mention I already have a full time job). But I'm such a loyal employee that it's hard for me to leave them hanging when I know they need me. Something has got to change tho. I can't handle working all the time like they want me to. This weekend is going to be hard enough. I've got to be there as soon as I'm done at the day job until midnight-thirty, nine in the morning until midnight-thirty Saturday and Sunday and then I'm hoping that I can get Monday off. I might just have to cry if I don't.

I don't get guys. I know I've said this, and I know I'll say it again, but that's only because it's true. I've never asked a guy out, but I just might if he's going to be stubborn about it. The jerk.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

I was 11 minutes late 

Holy shit. If you’re wondering if staying out until 2:00 in the morning when you have to work at 8:00 in the morning is a good idea, the answer is no you stupid, stupid person.

But did I know that? Well, yes. Did I do it anyway? Well, yeah. Why? Well, who fuckin knows? Was I at least doing something cool? I guess that depends. I happen to think sitting in a jeep with the top and doors off for hours talking about random topics is interesting. Some may disagree.

I totally need to quit a job. I’m not sure I can handle not having a social life. Why did I even get a second job? I was doing ok with out it. I wasn’t saving any money, but I was doing ok.

In case you’re wondering about the living arrangements, yeah I’m still in my parents’ basement. We’re still looking for a third roommate. And will lose $400 each if we don't find one soon.

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