Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Chiggity-Check it out 

Work was so slow today. I finished up yesterday's work this morning and expected a huge rush of paperwork...I got one flippin agreement. So the remainder of my day was spent watching our tech guy put my new computer in. So yay! No more popup ads every two seconds! No more waiting five years for photoshop to open! No more missing commas because my keyboard was too stupid to realize that I didn't hit the spaceboard.

Anyway. So Vans Warped Tour huh? Yeah, I think I'm going. Yippie skippie.

Hey guess what? It's hot outside. Don't believe me? You should. It's hot, humid and windy as hell. But I'm ok with that cause I don't have to work tonight. So I'd be ok with just about any form of weather.

A friend from childhood is in the area visiting this week. I'm totally going to be spending some time with her. Tonight she's supposed to call and we're going to do something. Hopefully we've grown out of our old way of life...but I doubt it =)

Oh my gosh, quick little rant. I fucking hate abbreviations. Like when im-ing or texting. "lol" could totally drive me in-fucking-sane by itself. But leaving out the punctuation... Come on. I can't even shorten be to b. Or you to u. I just can't do it. It makes me feel dirty and not in a good way. The closest I come to shortening words is prolly and tho. (I have no idea what words I shorten so if I'm lying, let me know.)

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