Thursday, July 08, 2004

I got nothin 

Ok, so I was totally off in my own little world, working away this morning right? It took a lot of effort to actually get there, cause I so did not want to do this stupid stuff this morning. And in walks my Supervisor to show me the silliest thing ever. Something that I may have to deal with, but not for another couple of years. I mean, come on. So now I’m totally thrown and have to fuck around for awhile before I can get back in the working groove.

Alrighty, one of my coworkers came in here this morning and asked me my sign. And then he asked me my boyfriend’s or a close friend that is a guy’s sign. He then went and looked it up, printed out a sheet and gave it to me. Awesome.

Speaking of horoscope, is anyone a brown-eyed Sagittarian? Cause according to the Gypsy Fortune Teller with a light bulb for a crystal ball, that’s the person that’s going to bring lots of laughter and love into my life. Umm, that doesn’t sound right since I’m totally smitten with a blue-green-eyed Leo.

P and I had girly talk last night. That was fun. Even tho it was two in the morning and she woke me up while getting ready for bed… Anyway, oh my gosh, her and Stan are really cute together. And I just want to see them have babies cause I know they’d be the bestest family ever. Apparently Stan mentioned something about getting engaged, but they would have to be dating for a year for that to happen. And P’s all excited cause that means Stan had thought about it. I would totally love to see that happen…but not for a while. I’m going to be selfish and need my best friend.

So I’m totally fed up with living with my parent’s. Not because anything has happened that would make me angry or anything. It’s just the idea. I was invited to a sleep over in Miller Town and I just know my mother would ask what I’m doing. I can’t lie very well. And I wouldn’t want to lie, but I don’t want to tell her the truth.

I was an hour late to work at the shop yesterday. I had to “rescue my stranded mom and take her home.” Apparently when I didn’t show up on time and a bunch of ambulances drove by, they had called my parent’s house. No one answered thank goodness. I ended up staying an extra hour tho, and that freaking blew.

Ya know, I’m the kind of employee employers love. Cause I’m totally someone’s whipping bitch. And I hate it. If they ask me to stay late cause they’re getting their ass kicked, I can’t say no. Especially when I’m not doing anything. Well, it used to be even when I did have plans. That’s since changed. The more they abuse me like that, the less I care about them. Which I guess is the way it’s supposed to go.

In any case, I’m really missing my free time.

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