Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Such a child 

Yay for hanging out with people you've know for awhile, but never hung out with.  Well, never hung out with not in a bar setting.  Or at work.

Last night was a shopping extravanganza.  Arrow, one of our coworkers, my boy and myself met up in Madtown and had a pretty fun evening.

Way too much money was spent.  And I loved it.  I spent over $250.  Yippee.  Some may ask what I spent my money on.  Well, I'll tell you.  A Donnie Darko shirt, a necklace, new shoes (that I've wanted for two years but never found until last night, it was magic I tell you) and a game boy advance complete with starter kit and Kirby.

I'd been thinking about getting a game boy for awhile.  Awhile being two days.  And since it's my birthday today and I'm not going to get a chance to celebrate, I figure I'd celebrate by putting all my frustrations with work into my hardcore Kirby game when we're not busy at the shop.  I'm a rebel.

I got flowers at work today.  It wasn't a surprise in the slightest, which would have been more fun.  Oh well, at least I got flowers.  And they're pretty.  And not roses.  Which is a good thing.

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