Monday, October 11, 2004

In class (again) 

Second class, InDesign CS. Which I've been using for quite awhile now so I don't really need this class either. Whatever.

Since Thursday, it's been a crazy time. Wednesday right after work I called Levi and asked if I could come visit him. He practically demanded that I leave right at that moment. I thought about it for all of two minutes before deciding that I needed to go.

Thursday at noon I purchased my tickets to leave Friday at 11:something in the morning from Chicago Midway Airport.

Getting down to Chicago was fun. My father called and woke my ass up at 2:45 Friday morning. Considering I had only gotten to sleep two hours earlier I wasn't exactly wide awake. He drove me down to Madison and I caught the bus to Chicago.

Once in Chicago, I didn't know what I was doing. But I asked a lot of questions and found where I needed to be. Early even. Shocking.

Oh and for those of you who don't know, as I didn't. Apparently people form a line right away. And there are people who freak out if you don't recognize the fact. The line Natzi didn't yell at me, but he scared a couple of other people. Even funnier, the guy had a german accent. I hope he's on that show, Airline or whatever. Cause it was funny.

On the plane I sat in front of a guy that looked exactly like Phil on Viva la Bam. And I'm pretty sure someone called him Phil too. So yay. That would be cool.

However I sat next to these two girls about my age who had super-devoted their lives to Christ. Some of the conversations they had... man. I'm kind of glad they fell asleep after take off. They were nice enough for sure, but just half crazy with the lord.

Goodness is this class boring.

Levi met me at the airport in Baltimore, Maryland. On the way to his place we stopped at IKEA, Chik-fil-a and the mall. What? I'd never been to IKEA or Chik-fil-a and it was a huge mall.

Saturday we woke up at 9:30 and drove a half hour to Krispy Kreme. Yummy. Did you know there is one filled with caramel? Cause I didn't.

Later the afternoon, we set a backpack up with bottled water, a sweatshirt and other must haves for a day of touring and took off for Washington, DC. We took the Metro. That was exciting. Even when we got lost. Don't worry we found ourselves.

Once there we went quite a few places. First stop was the Museum of Natural History, where we saw the Hope Diamond and hot guys. There was a huge book festival going on in front of the Museum, so we didn't stay too long. It was busy as hell.

After the museum, we took pictures featuring the Washington Monument and Levi's pants. Ha. Dirty.

We hiked on over to the White House. Ohhh, the White House. On the way an extremely bitchy girl got all up in Levi's face. I had already yelled at him for littering, but she went so far as to follow us for several blocks with the object in question. I'm pretty sure she tried to talk to us while following us, but we totally ignored her.

On through the WWII Memorial and up the stairs to the Lincoln Memorial. We took a lot of pictures. Even a few of us sliding, right where there was a special sign that said no sliding. Come on, it had to be done.

Levi's roommate, the FBI guy met us on some random street and took us some where. There were bookstored involved and an attempt to have dinner. But that didn't work so well, so we got pizza. Huge pizza from some basement restaurant.

From there we split ways with FBI guy and took the metro to Chinatown. We were too tired to do anything but sit on the couch at Urban Outfitters for ten minutes before heading back to the Metro and Crystal City.

Sunday was chill. An easy day with "breakfast" at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Yummy. And then to the airport. The flight home was pretty uneventful.

My boyfriend and a kickass coworker/friend met me at the airport. I got to hear all about how they got lost (both blaming the other) and about the boys driving skills (or lack there of).

Long drive home...

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