Friday, November 05, 2004

Prof. Squeak! 

Good morning. It's currently 8:27 on a freezing cold friday, in lovely downtown Madison. The school apparently decided that they wouldn't turn on the heat today to make up for the oven they had created on Monday. Is it so hard to manage a heating system?

So anyway. I've become this person people go to when they want to be set up. Which I don't understand. Who would want to be set up with a complete stranger? Anything could happen. But whatever. I have two prospective couples that I'm dealing with now. One I think could really turn out. I'd be so proud! Tear tear.

Four months with my sweetie today! I don't think we're doing anything special. Prolly watch a movie and then play cards with the family. Which is cool with me. I just miss him. I've hung out with him this week. But always around people. I just want to be able to talk and snuggle and makeout without people complaining about hearing the (and I quote) "tounge lashings".

I think I'll finally give my love a name. And to keep with the cheesy pet names I've used so far, I think I'll call him Boo (if only he knew...)

Did I mention I'm hella tired? Stephy, Boo and one of his friends, Woody all hung out at my house. (Stephy and Woody are a might-be of mine).

The night started with me crying my eyes out when faced with the idea that P might have to go to war. And let me tell you, that brought me down for the rest of the night pretty much. Until I got to hang out with her.

Boo, Woody and a few of their work friends have this OC thing. Thursdays, seven. I'm sure some of you know what I mean. It's all 90210 to me. But whatev. Steph and I got there late. I still wasn't in a super mood but I don't think I brought anyone else down. Which is good. We got to stay there for all of a half hour before the apartment owner wanted to get to the bar. Of course I'm still only 20. Sucky. And the only one underage.

So Woody carried out and we went to my house, hung out with P and played Asshole. Boo wins that. Often. And he's a sore winner. So everyone got pretty drunk. Quick. And no longer felt like drinking. So we sat around for awhile. Talked. Chilled. And that's about it.

But waking up this morning. Ohhh. That was no fun. A quarter to six my alarm went off.

Alrighty, I gotta get outta here. Class isn't so boring today. I'm actually learning!

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